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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Goattee, Oct 19, 2004.

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    On our latest trip last week and the first in the new GMC we rounded a curve coming out of Kinmundy Il and bam. Right in front of us was a perfectly preserved wooden water tower. We had been following a some rails for a long time I think they were Central Pacific because I saw on one of the crossing signs CP. Any how we slid to a stop and I hobbled out to take a closer look. I could not believe the shape it was in. Boy was I disappointed when I read the sign over the door in the base with an 800 number. It still was a good find for me.
    The cross timbers float on the uprights in some metal shoes (see picture).
    And yes it had water in it as it was wet in places about half way up and was dripping.

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    Awesome Photo's Goattee :thumb:
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    What a find. Still looks to be in good shape. Did you call the 800 number by any chance?
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    Nice . It looks a lot like the Campbell's tower I built some time back .

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