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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Wolfinlied, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    i dont know if its just me or not but this forum is a little overbearing. Alot of categorys that really could be summed up with just one category and because of that i noticed that there is little in the way of responses. It seems people find the thread they like and stick to that general area and never stray.

    I also noticed there is giving and taking.. but alot more taking than giving. I read somewhere a guy who has 3gb of paper craft? *ahem* share plz.

    Im sharing (slowly, but up to 30+ paper crafts, about 150mb) all my paper crafts, not on here but on my blog which is linked to here. I didnt want to spam or anything. Hence the blog.

    Now i have had 250+ views and only 6 replys. 4 of them are mine... So i see people enjoying my site.. but taking and not giving. Can i at least get a thank you?

    Come on guys this is a hobby place and the more models to share the more enjoyment i dont want to be the only person who feels as though im giving 120%. No im not talking to all people on here but im talking to a majority.

    Sorry if i seem a little rude i dont intend it that way i just wanted to know if anyone see's this and thier thoughts.

  2. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Im not bringing ANYONE down and i gather you didnt read properly. i dont care if you dont go to my site, like hell its mainly for me to keep a record of what i got i only shared it because i thought others would be interested. But i posted in a few topics and have basically been ignored which is why im saying are the members here giving and taking or just taking?

    I know not everyone is like that here and yes i agree its an awesome forum. Its just i find it hard to navigate with so many main categorys..

    And im not your brother. Im your sister. i dont want to start no flame session i just thought id be up front.
  3. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    oh and i needed some help with a pepakura tutorial i took a look at one already on the site and i might as well have been standing on my head. im new to this but im not daft. Thats the main this i wanted help with. Id love to make my own models to share.
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Please show me where Cardmodels.net is overbearing, because from the onset of this site back in July-August of 2002, Ron and my sentiments were one of the comfy couch, warm atmosphere, never in the slightest overbearing.

    Alot of the categories have been asked by the members, Ron and I set up an initial list of forum headings, and the like, this site is a semi democracy, put it out to a vote, and if I can be swayed hard enough, I might change it

    In one word no, we condone the practice of trading files, doesn't matter if the site is not there anymore, or if you missed a file, there is a saying from George Carlin, an American Comedian, "Cop didn't see it, I didn't do it." so as long as it done discretely, then I really don't mind it, I have done it in the past myself, but if the file is current, and you can post the url to the website, by all means do so.

    Ok, Thank you for the some of the models I forgotten about, but what I said above goes for this too, URL sharing is encouraged, hosting with out consent is not. so if you have the original website's/author's/designer's permission to do so, then do so.

    No one will deny that you have a passion for the hobby, and do not take for granted that you are the only one giving 120%, because I am here pretty much everyday for hours on end, I have read every post, commented on alot of them, and I have seen every picture. so keep that in mind too, I might not say alot, but I am always around

  5. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Well, lets see. You come into the forums and complain because folks find their interest, i.e. planes, train, tanks, or whatever, and stay with that. Not necessarily. I view and comment to whatever I find interesting.

    You obviously can navigate the forums, because you found a thread where someone has 3gb of files. But you want those who have gone out and found these files to just automatically give them to you? I can see passing on the links to some internet finds (oh yeah, there is a category for that), but I don't think folks keep the links to every file they find.

    If you feel that you deserve a thank you for your sharing, then perhaps you are sharing for the wrong reason? It should be from the heart, and for caring for others, not to get accolades.

    And lastly, you dont' intend to seem rude, well, that's the only way I can take these comments.

    This group is my internet modelling home also. There have been nothing but good, helpful people here. I visit other modelling forums, and still like to come home here. Friendliest place I know.
    Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

    Just thought I'd be up front.

  6. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    ** Overbearing as in Alot of categorys with small amounts in them. it would be easier to have less categories with more in them. The people here are fine in no way i ment it again the folks here.

    ** File trading? huh? man i just wanted to see more papercraft models here cuz there are quite a few but there is like so much more out there!

    ** And if you took a look at my site you would see there it says that i take no credit and give credit to those who put the time in and made it. Take the top on for example. Made by daadaa i put that and also said where i got it.

    ** And mate.. read the last one again you missed a bit it states "No im not talking to all people on here" if you want to put yourself in the position as one of the people im talking about then go for it.

    But as i said im not here to flame or be rude i just thought it was strange i didnt ask to have my face jammed in the mud under someones boot nor did i expect such a response.

    Just a simple question and i wanted a simple answer *shrugs*

    Thanks for your time. :)
  7. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    wolf?hard day at work? i not got your point

    this forum for must of us is like a secend home (for me its my first :) i all the day refrash the IE :) )

    i found some great topic here that help me on my cardmodels work and some stuff also for my privet work

    we have a bunch of great ppl here that sher ther time,power,knowledge,work and lots of stuff just for ppl like me with some problem about this HOBBY such as modeling program
    built tip
    and so on ...

    i love this family we built here and u just need to tack some time to know some ppl and u more than wellcome to be part of this family
  8. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    texman lay off i said i wanted no flaming from this and i see your post as completely rude. i just stated something that i saw i ment no offence by it if you want to take offence then thats just silly its a forum or rather a family of people who all have the same interest if i cant have my opinion then where is the fairness in that.

    Keep it calm.
  9. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    no.. no hard day at work i just got out of hospital.

    ill say it again i didnt want to start a huge debate i just wanted an answer to my question. a few of you are going overboard.. im just a young girl i pose no threat.
  10. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Carl.. man you guys need to read!! im not angry.. not in the slightest.. in fact i feel a little upset as to some of the replies i got but i can put it behind me
  11. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Wolfinlied, there was a tutorial by rkelterer a ways back, there weren't that many that knew how to use this thing, most of the tutes were from the pepakura site and in Japanese. Most of the others, guys and gals, are now messing with Rhino, which has a bunch of small snippets here and there. You can sometimes pick up a copy on ebay for a bunch less than retail. I went and see'd some of your work and it is beautiful, from a technical and art point of view. I don't build these sort of things, I'm kinda hidebound by growing up with little boy toys, well truth be told, never growing up, just out, but I do appreciate them, and others. Sometimes we don't post approvals and encouragement as much as we could but the small fact that people do view them shows they are interested, maybe just shy? Anyways, good luck with the pepakura thing, I have the registered copy that is just takeing up space on my desktop, just waiting for time to play with it, it's not that me or anyone won't share the info to make it go, heck, it took a chunk of time to type this up let alone get something 3d to work.
  12. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    yeah the tutorial by rkelterer was good but i guess i am stupid, i just didnt understand it at all.. i could see how other could benifit but im completely new.

    And Rhino? maybe you could help me by sending more information tru the mail system on the forums to guide me. Id like to make sure its what im after
  13. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Yes, we are like a family, and like a family, I will defend them. I may not agree with what you said, but I will respond, and I will defend your right to say it. Enough said.

  14. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    wolf u speending time about this privet fight

    first i hope i are filling well

    secend lets spend our time on card modeling

    i dont know papkura yet but i work slowly with lots of help on RHINO if u like send me a PM with your email and i will send u some usfall tutorial that i got from the mambers here
  15. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Well if this is a family then that makes me part of it i said nothing that you should have to defend over. I think your taking this way too far.. putting it out of proportion even i didnt want this to be about flaming but out of all the replies i got yours sickens me and makes me mad. You did not need to be so damn harsh, and to a female? who also stated that she ment no harm and no offence?

    Think back about what you said mate, wait a while and then try to talk to me because atm im very upsett with you.
  16. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Cant you understand im not trying to insult anyone i dont even know how im doing so all i asked for was an answer instead i get pushed down and for what.. some stupid question. Im sorry i asked and im sorry that im upsett now.

    But i ment no harm at all and no threat i didnt want to give a reason to defend i just wanted to know why everything was so spred out and why people are so quiet.

    I hope your all satisfied now that you have made me that upsett im crying.
  17. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    Rick just re-did a few things in the forum section beacuse so many obscure cateories were not where they belonged, a lot of them are very new.

    There are a LOT of files here, just look a bit deeper.

    Don't throw us off on a guilt trip because of your assumptions, that is all.

    Sidenote: Rick might wanna lock this thread, it's almost as contraversial as, whell, I'm not going to bring that up.
  18. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    i dont want you to feel guilty. i just wanted people to realise im backed into a corner.. i ment no harm and i didnt mean to upsett.. i just wanted my question answered. Thats all... :(
  19. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    Just relax, lets forget this tread, and go look at one of Josve's builds or something.
  20. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Guys look, im sure you have more important things to do in all honesty i didnt mean for this to happen. Just leave it here and get back to our models. Im sorry i even said anything, i really am.

    And texman im sorry i gave you a reason to defend even though thats not what i intended, Golden bear i appreciated your response and im sorry i offended you somehow.

    Thanks guys.

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