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    Hi, I was given a train set today by a work colleague who was going to throw it out. While he reassured me it worked ok, there are no instructions provided with it. I have created a basic circle track to test it, but discovered the transformer has no wires other than the power cord. Could somebody tell me what sort of wire I need and on what terminals these are placed. The transformer is a Power Mite code sms-pm input:240v 50hz output:12v dc 0.36a max. It has 4 terminals, looks like 2 for dc trains & 2 for ac accessories.
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    Do you have a brand name for the train? Also where do you live? 240v 50hz is the standard electrical hook up for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I think it may also be the standard for Japan and much of Asia, but it isn't compatible with North American power. If you are in North America, you could get a converter box to convert 240v 50hz to 125v 60hz, but it would cost much less to just buy an MRC throttle that would be correct for North American power, and would have more capacity than the trainset power pack.
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    The wires for the tracks go on the posts marked DC for tracks. Most people use smallish wire -- smaller than lamp cord, often called bell wire (not to be confused with telephone wire). Larger wire would work if you can fit it in the terminals. Smaller wire like telephone wire may also work; it will probably carry .36 amp. I wouldn't go to the really fine computer cable wire.
    One wire from each terminal to each terminal on the track -- there should be a track section with 2 terminals but there may be a section that requires a special connector. If the train doesn't go the direction you want when you set the reverse switch, change the two wires at one end.
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    Do you have photos of the trainset?
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    OK, attached is the mighty "Power Mite" power pack. It's the 240v version of the usual train set POS.

    Any sort of light (18-22 gauge) wire will work for hooking it up. The train set should have a terminal track section - that is, a section of track that lets you connect the wires from the power pack. If it doesn't, you can get a set of pre-wired rail joiners - these are the easiest way to connect to the track without soldering.

    So you have a DC-powered train. It may be that the power pack is FUBAR. They're not very robust. But, as mentioned, hook the DC output wires to the track and see what happens.

    Check the wheels on your locomotive. They may be dirty. If so, you can clean them with a pencil eraser or a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. And while you're doing that, look underneath for some sort of makers mark or brand name. That's always helpful when looking for assistance.

    Keep us posted.

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