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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by roryglasgow, Jul 21, 2001.

  1. jimnrose

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    Justin, I just ordered a few sockets (female connectors) and will be on the road for a few weeks. I should have the decoders installed by mid sept. I'll let you know the details.
  2. JeffGerow

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    I got one of the IHC Old Timers for my son for Christmas (heard that before, huh) -- anyway, I managed to fit one of the little Lenz decoders behind the motor in the tender. It is only rated 1/2A, but it's been doing OK so far. Of course, I also had to add a light in that huge lantern, which meant a plug. I use 2mm spaced header/socket, so lots of connections are really easy in a small space (as in sound...) Make the connector one pair longer than necessary and cut off an interior pin (and fill its' corresponding hole) making a polarized connection that's difficult to plug in the wrong way.
    Anyway, the thing works great, especially at slow speeds.
  3. hi roy,
    i have bought many of the IHC locomotives in the past year, actualy too many but i admit to a craze for the steamers, any way i have that very same loco and it has proven to be a good runner as well as the other IHC locomotives.......i did find that they will stall on the #6 atlas turnout because of the large frog on the turnout so use a #4 turnout its frog is smaller...you will enjoy the little loco...i have....i am also going to collect a few of the old time american 1870's type as well....i bought one of those bachmann old time sets....its value was that it got the railroad bug up to bite me and this time i had the time and space to actually build a layout....so the sets are worth the price to get you building....
  4. roryglasgow

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    Thanks for your input. I haven't gotten an HO layout running yet--funds are too scarce at the moment. For now, though, my little 4-4-0 is sitting on a shelf on display in the living room. I did manage to run it a little bit shortly after I received it. I set up a piece of flex track and hooked it up to my power pack. It seemed to run really fine backwards and forwards 3 feet at a time!


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