i need some lighting ideas!

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  1. hello everyone, i am looking for some type of lighting system for my benchwork/layout. my benchwork is shelf style, open grid around the walls. the problem is that i live in a rented home and i cant attach anything to the walls or ceiling. i have installed a 2' tall backdrop around the layout that is supported by 1" x 2" strips every 16". does anyone know of any kind of lighting i might be able to install, or have any ideas on how i might go about this? thanks!:wave:
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    Try some lights designed for hanging over picture frames.

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    Steve I have to say the lite produced by the link Comet gave looks like it would be right on but please keep safety in mind and I refer to the fact that those lights are NOT wired correctly the type of wire shown is not designed to run as open conductors at 120 volt(it must in conduit) and there is no ground present in any one of those fixtures. You can create the same thing with some Romex wire and some metal boxes and keyless porcelain fixtures. If you need more explination please feel free to ask. Pat
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    The color would be off, unless you could find a daylight version, but walmart has 200W equiv. flourescents that screw into a regular bulb socket and only draw about 40W. Efficient, cool, bright and safe in virtually any fixture.
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    I agree with you guys, I'm not impressed with the wiring or the fixtures. If it were me, I'd use floresent tubes insted of the keyless sockets. The light is much closer to daylight, countinous which eliminates shadows and dark spots, and makes much less heat than all those incandesent bulbs. Not to metion the power savings. I do like the faisia design though, it really makes the viewer focus on the layout.
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    The color is not that important until you go to do some photography, as your mind merely adjusts you color perspective to tell you everything is normal. If you have a digital camera that offers custom color balance, or even a flourescent setting, it should take good pics under the flourescents.

    I put two of those 200 watt equiv. in our bedroom overhead fixture, because we have the windows blacked out for day sleeping. We now call it the sun room. You can not look at those things. For $15, assuming you have two fixtures, you might giv eit a try, as it may suit your needs. Even one might be enough.
  8. thanks for all the great ideas guys, although i must say i like the idea of putting two flourescent bulbs over head. i have a double outlet over head light right in the center of the layout, so this might just be the ticket. im no electrician either, so this would be a safer solution for me as well. thanks to all you guys, and thank you jon for the idea, ill post pictures when i can.:wave:
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    Just don't look into the bulb :) hehehe It will certainly be bright enough, I think.

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