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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by andywyeth07, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Well, from 1976 to 1999, the railroad in your area ( and my favorite railroad) was Actually Conrail. However, after 1999, Conrail was divided by CSX and Norfolk Southern. all former New York Central lines went to CSX, while all former Pennsylvania Railroad lines went to Norfolk Southern.

    You can't go wrong with a GP38-2/GP40-2 marked for Conrail. They are small enough and common enough that there has to have been one on your tracks at some point. Many are still painted for conrail even though they are on the CSX or NS. The same goes for the C40-8W (Dash-8 40CW). Model wise, the GP38-2 can run on just about any track condition. buy an Athearn RTR GP38-2 or GP40-2. if you have $50, go to http://www.tagtrains.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=5772407.28257.s0&lastmenu=&product=proto_2000_gp38_2_engines. You can order P2k ( very high quality and good running for the price) GP38-2.

    As for finding the yard plan, look into Conrail ZTS charts of your area. They are very very specific about track arrangements, industries served, drop off points, the whole 9 yards. They probably aren't that much different today then they are when Conrail made them.

    Another good place to look is on www.railpictures.net , or www.rrpicturearchive.net where you can search for pictures of trains in your area. that might help you plan, and help us see what you want.
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    thanks alot for the links they have really helped alot on giving me ideas.
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    does anyone know any good websites to get drawings of different layouts?? So I could get some ideas.. if so please let me know.. thanks
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    The best place to look is the Model Railroader Layout Archive. I can't remember where it is unfortuneatley, but I'll look for it. Most sites, like www.Atlasrr.com and www.thortrains.com have intersting layouts, but in the end, they aren't really anything to spectacular, and most turn out to be boring, or do not reach your goals.

    The best way to come up with a track plan is to figure out, what kind of operations you want, and build from there. Suppose you want a oil refinery in the modern day. Now you know you need atleast 2 tracks for 23,000 gallon tank cars to be loaded from. You also know that you'll need at least 18" curves to run those cars. Usually locomotives like the GP40-2 or smaller would switch this kind of industry. a good chunk of your layout has already been planned.

    And you just keep moving down from there. whats the next industry you want? Maybe you want to have through freights as well, with commuter operations.

    In the end, You just need to come up with your own plan, send it here, and we'll help you tailor it so that it meets your needs.
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    You mentioned in your first post about having 2 4x8 tables and one 4x6. How big is your basement,or more correctly how much of it can you use? 4 foot wide tables for a layout create several problems. You can't reach the back of the layout, your reach limit is about the length of your arm, if the benchwork is low enough to be at waist level perhaps an additional 6 inches. Cutting those tables in half and making an around the walls shelf layout 2 feet wide. 2 foot wide tables give complete accessability. If you have the room to put in 4 2x8 tables and 2 2x6 talbes you can get much more layout in your space.
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    the room that i am working in about 21x16. here is a pictures of the way I have the tables set up now.. sorry the picture is so small. i could not make it any bigger and have it fit on here. The table on the right is 4x6, the middle table is 4x8 and the table on the left is 4x8. the line behind the tables is the basement wall so i have about a foot and a half to get back there and work

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    He could just keep the layout a foot (maybe a foot and 6 inches) from the wall. Thats How i get to the back of my layout. If he has the space, why not?
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    wait, he beat me to it.... good thinking!
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    If you want, I'll come up with a track plan for you. Better yet, go to the track planning forum on thise site. While I think my plans are good, those guys down there are experts.
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    i would be glad to wait green_elite_cab for you to come up w/ a track plan! and ill go to the track planning forum.. Thanks

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