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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by zot, Nov 24, 2008.

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    I guess my subtitle to this should be: "Don't mail order paper models during the holiday shipping season. Here's my problem. Within the last three weeks, I have received models from two different I-Stores. The first was poorly packed and when it arrived, I knew before I even opened the envelope that I was going to find extensive damage...which I did. The vendor promptly issued a replacement, which was packed much better, so problem solved there. The second kit...from a different vendor.. that I ordered was well packaged, but obviosly not well enough to go through the USPS. The box took a shot in the one place that would damage the model. Although the damaged area was small (1" x 2" on A3 paper) and it didn't crease the paper, it did give it a good "bend". I'm not worried about the parts to be laminated or doubled over as these should correct themselves. What about external "skin" pieces that will show on the finished model that have no internal support? Can they be fixed? Should I try to contact the vendor for replacement parts? Am I just screwed? Am I being too critical in wanting the best starting point possible? The first model was an easy call. Placing the book in an envelope with no other reinforcement was a recipe for disaster and clearly avoidable on the vendors part. There's a lot more gray area with the second kit. What do you think would be proper?
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    Depends on the vendor - most will make things right to keep a happy customer. If the damage was due completely to the USPS was it insured? Prolly not :(
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    If the paper is not creased, just bent, you can try carefully straightening it out over a large dowel or small jar. Then back it with a piece of card to give it strength. The fact that the design doesn't call for internal support, doesn't mean you can't add some.
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    Thanks. That's good idea. The vendor offered to send me a replacement if I wanted to send this one back, but I'd like to salvage this one if possible. I don't want the have the next one subjected to the USPS holiday gauntlet. No telling what condition it would arrive in.. I've tried to show a picture of the damage to one page but I don't know how well it will show.

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    That really doesn't look too bad to me. Try putting it between 2 hard flat surfaces with some weight on it for a day or so.

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