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    I created a game and I need Paper Model Designers to build the miniatures for my game. Images will be provided but I also accept the creativity of the designers if they don’t stray from the initial lines in the design of the models.

    The Models are several and different ships that will be build in 3D and 2,5D. The models will have a size that goes from 5cm to 10cm.

    The final product will be books with Rules, Fluff and Models. The Game will be sold in Ecardmodels and the profit (after Ecardmodel fee) will be divided 50/50 rules/models. Each game will have 1 or 2 Model Designers assign to it. There are already 12 expansions standing by and waiting for the models.

    Those who really want to try it out, send me a mail to: joaquimpedro at gmail.com and I’ll send them enough material to start. Choosing model factions will be done in order of contact and game and expansion importance.

    Below are images to candidates take close observation and decide if they want to participate. If a Model Designer wants to participate, send me one or more images of his work and a commitment that he wants seriously to work in this project. Model creation must be fast. I want to put the first game out for sale in 1 month.

    Feel free to send me your questions to the above mail.

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    The Dwarf Free Peoples Republic Ships

    When the great war between the Dwarves Kingdoms and the Orc Hordes broke out, the strain of weapons production fell over the East Mining Enclaves, where the lowest class dwarves lived. Taxed with a terrible effort and with little compensation, they rebelled under the orders of Tortzgloin, a believer in equality and freedom for all the Dwarves.

    The Kingdoms didn't took this rebellion lightly and they sent two armies to seize the mines and stop the rebellion. Without any diplomatic skills, the nobles attacked and killed several thousand miners and civilians to put a stop to the rebellion. Then they killed and burned in public display Tortzgloin.

    For ten years everything seemed to fall into place in the Eastern Regions. The Great War was at a peak with the Dwarves Kingdoms pushing the Orcs very far north into Orc territory when the Second Rebellion took place. This time very well planned and with a simple goal - create a new state. Bloody and decisive it was. Never again the Dwarves would be one single power. Enough to say that, today, the Eastern Regions are called the "Free People's Republic".

    But when the dust settled, there was no free dwarves in the new republic. With a very strong central government, the first thing the Republic created was the Commissar Korps, to control and keep their own people "happy". There are no nobles in the new Republic, but there are "Elite Citizens" and "Common" citizens.

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    The Dwarven Kingdoms

    As strange as it may be, having no love whatsoever for waters and seas, the Dwarves have one of the most powerful navies in the lands of Senniastril. In numbers and power, few are those that can match their ships against the might of the Dwarven steam dreadnoughts. But pride is pride and the prideful will always, sooner or later, fall.

    After the sessecion of the East Lands Dwarves from the Empire, and the creation of the Dwarf Free Peoples Republic, the Dwarven Kingdoms lost its impetus in the conquest of the foul land of the Orcs. They entrenched in the conquered land and turned their attention to the new Republic. Some small skirmished took place in the new border, but without any real consequence. Then the Dwarven Kingdoms ordered the navy to bombard the coastal cities and ports of the Free Republic. But the orders leaked out and the Republic devised a cunning and terrible plan.

    The new Republic navy with its few ships waited the Dwarven Kingdoms navy in a coastal region near the border of the Republic. Even before it started the battle was already won for the Kingdoms as the disparity of numbers was enormous. They steamed up their ships in a straight line toward the Republic ships. And were caught by surprise by the Orc Menace Fleet. In disarray, the Dwarven Kingdoms ships fought valiantly, but stranded between two fleets there was little they can do. A tenth of the Dwarven Kingdom ships escaped to return port.

    Having guarded themselves from real harm in the battle, the Free Republic fleet then turned its weapons against the remnants of their allies and completely destroyed the Orc Menace fleet. The same fleet that was called by the Free Republic to help.

    Orcs are Orcs and no Dwarf will pass the opportunity to kill one if he can, even having made a previous alliance. But the in the end the Great Orc Warlord was pleased. The destruction of the Dwarven Kingdoms fleet would give the Orcs time to regroup and turn the table, reconquering their lost lands. And even more after that...

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    Living Longings

    Your bones break like old roof tiles
    Your clothes rip like sails in a sea storm
    We bite your tender flesh with dry teeth
    We smell old and buried - aaahhh - we are the dead.

    Your music calls on us - stingy and avid
    Your laughs hurt our empty chest plate
    You are beverage for us and we are not thirsty or hungry
    We wander endlessly - aaahhh - we are the dead.

    We are a phalanx of bow and spear and axe
    Corroded by time and oblivion and dust
    We march towards your house and nothing will stop us
    A locked door is a consolation - aaahhh - we are the dead.

    We growl low a scary and undying sound
    We wish your lips in a tight kiss
    Our maxillae closes like a nutcracker
    And your screams are bliss - aaahhh - we are the dead.

    Some of us are mourned - but just for a short while
    Eternity erases all human strings except one
    We say we won't kill you if you truly love us
    But we rip the heart from your chest without a thought.


    We are the dead.........
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    There ain't no cure for love...

    The first model for this long long project has arrived at my email last night by the wonderful hands of Kampfflieger. I build it in a hurry, not bothered with good cutting and perfect gluing, but with a fever that comes only with a vision. As I suspected, when the work was done, my vision was fulfilled in the hand of Kampfflieger.

    Like the first wave that rocks against the bow of a ship, I am now convinced that our journey will meet a harbor many miles away in another world full of wonder.

    Thank you.

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    Come on, lad. Don’t you worry, the captain only threatens to kill those he likes. The others he dumps them in the next port we visit. My name is Legs, not my real name, you mind, but ya can call me Legs. Everybody else does… So ya feel lost and lonely, do ya? Well, that’s the reason I’m the first mate. I’ll explain you everything. Don’t open so much your eyes boy, I’m the first mate, not a troll who’s gonna eat ya…
    I might as well start by the beginning don’t I? Well, the Unnamed made the stars and the world and the lands and the seas that are bigger than the lands, do ya understand? He said one word and that word was Senniastrill for that is the true name of the world and then he fell silent and said no more. The other Gods, the smaller ones, then they start playing with the world and made the creatures in it. And some time later they made the creatures that can think and use magic. Us. The First Elves say that they were the first, but others say different and I reckon that the Dwarfs and the Orcs might have come first. But what do I know, right?! Well, us the men, we were the last. Everybody says so… So there is no reason not to believe in this. Some men are ashamed of being the last to be created, well, I say that we are the best because perfection was needed and it wasn’t achieved before… But I’m straying, boy. I stray a lot, so remind me of what I was saying when I start to mumble, right? Ah yes. Senniastrill, our world, is made of two great continents and a lot of islands, boy! I’ve been to a great many of them in my life and I haven’t seen a tenth of it all. Been a Merchant sailor all my life and I met many a men who travelled at least as much as I have and they still tell me of islands I didn’t knew nothing of it before.
    You are from Salidar, right? The biggest land we know of, where man made their biggest Empire together with the First Elves and the Dwarves. But there are others, boy, which I will speak of later… So let’s make a tour in our ship for you to get all cozy with her. First of all you have to know about the wind… The wind isn’t everything, but without it, or with it against us, we’re nothing, ya hear me?!

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