Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by mfik, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. mfik

    mfik New Member

    for a 21 inch boat which motor is best, 540, 550, or would a 330 work?
  2. Hills

    Hills New Member

    i would use a good mod 540 size or you could go all out and use a graunaper speed 700!!!!!!!!! or any of the brushless sysytems like hacker
  3. mfik

    mfik New Member

  4. pagemaster

    pagemaster New Member

    Use one of the long can 600 on 6-8 cells and it will rock. Use a 700 and 12-16cells and it will sink like a rock!:D
  5. monoman

    monoman New Member

    it really depends on what you plan on doing with the hull,for speed
    a 540 modified ...ex:13 turn double.. on 7 cells with a good set up
    will give you good overall speed & reliability,& fair runtime.[8D]
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