I need help with this anime model

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  1. miguelj

    miguelj Papercraft Addict

    Hello everyone:) I downloaded the model above from finalpaper last january because my sister wanted to build it. It didn't come with instructions and we had to rely on that picture to build the model. She was able to build the chair but not the anime model itself. I thought I could build it but I also gave up:cry: I recently found the original site but I'm having problems downloading the file(3.21 mb). Can someone please download the model and send it to me? All I need is the PDO file:) PM me for my email address. Thanks.
  2. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    PM'd you, why cant you download it? are you running a download manager? most sites now dont like them...
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    It works for me and all I had to do is click on the link in Firefox and it asks what I want to do with it because it's a compressed file. Open, Save as or Save to.

    Just left click the link on the site instead of using a download manager or right clicking.
  4. miguelj

    miguelj Papercraft Addict

    I got your PM Kaz. Thanks:grin:

    I use a download accelerator but I disabled it. I tried to download the file a couple of times but it gets cut before it reaches 2 mb. I also tried it using the accelerator but when it reaches 3.10, it starts all over again:cry:

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