I need help detailing some EMD lease SD40-2's

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainworm, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. trainworm

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    I just picked up a set of Athearn SD40-2's. one of them is an ex SOO line SD40-2, #6309 and the other is an ex MILW SD40-2, #6310. I also have the blue EMD lease SD40-2, number 6382. I want to add details to these 3, but I am having trouble finding pictures of 6309 and 6310 before they were painted blue. anyone have any leads to pictures of them? also, when were they painted blue? I read somewhere on the net that they are the wrong phase, what would need to be done to make them correct? I know that I am going to have to shorten the fuel tank on all 3. what else needs to be done? also, the model of 6382 has black walkways, stepwells, and pilots. but the pictures I have found show it with blue pilots and stepwells. was the prototype always like that? and if not, when was the change made? and if it always had blue pilots and stepwells, is the walkway color blue also?

    and one last question....does anyone know what plows i need to order for these units?

    I also plan on detailing up my 2 GATX lease SD40-2's #'s 7375 and 7354....but i'll save questions on those for later.
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  3. trainworm

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    thanks for the links. unfortunately none of those show the units while they were still in SOO line paint with EMD patches.

    after further research, I found one major problem. these units are suppoed to have ratchet brakes, but the models have brakewheels. looks like some nose replacement is in order. anyone know what the nose length is supposed to be on these?

    I also discovered that the GATX units have the wrong grills, and they need ratchet brakes. so it looks like I will scrap mine and start over with the newer Athearn undecorated models. anyone know the nose length on these?

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