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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kettlestack, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. kettlestack

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    I'm hoping some of you Gaugers know of a computer program which can import Autosketch *.dxf or autcad *.dwg drawings and convert them to *.gif or *.jpg files such that they can be printed out actual size as gif's or jpg's.

    I have Paint Shop Professional ver 7 which reads dxf files but always uses "antialias" (ie... puts a line of grey either side of the original lines) and they never seem to print out exactly the same size as the cad drawing. I have programs which can convert about 50 files to almost anything else but Autocad uses it's own filetypes.
    I used to use Corel draw for this but the version I have won't run on my Windows '98 operating system (sad).
    An alternative would be a drawing package which draws lines of known dimensions and can save-as bitmap files. Any help would be appreciated.

    All this has come about as I am now into N scale cardboard scratchbuilding and most structures would fit on 11" x 8" paper.

  2. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Errol,
    I have Freehand10 which will import *.dxf files and save them back as jpg's .. I think this proggy is on the expensive side also.
    If I can be of help in transforming some of your files I will gladly do it for you. All you need do is send me the files on floppy or CD and I will send a cd/floppy back.

    I know all about cardboard scratching:D, all my structures are made that way with stripwood added to the card, great fun ain't it:rolleyes:


  3. aartwmich

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    Ahhh Kettlestack...something which *I* can help *YOU* with! I am a drafter by trade and have a CADD program with which I can import dwg and dxf files and output jpg or bmp or tiff. I do alot of importing and exporting when dealing with outside vendors to bring drawings into our system. Know that dxf is not exclusively an Autosketch format, but a universal translation language

    Something to keep in mind is printing out to scale, I do this alot to prototype designs in foam board before building in Stn Stl, it all depends on your printer and drivers. Many printers will not print out to scale, they often are just a little off. For N scale this could be bad.

    Another thing to think about is the file format you want. I think jpg is the best because bmp and tiff files can be very large.

    If you can email me a file, I will give it a go. Let me know which file format you want me to send back. If you can't print it out to scale, I could do this for you and snail mail it to you. ( a swimming snail for over the ocean...lol)
  4. kettlestack

    kettlestack Member

    Thank you for the offers to convert files

    I asked the question because, for the first time I made a CAD drawing of the parts for the "Foothills Station" I made for this months competition. I had hoped to post the drawings to The Gauge for any other modellers who might be interested. However, my drawings took no account of the thicknesses of materials that might be used so the drawings could only be used as a guide.

    Shamus, thank you, I looked up "Freehand10" and find it's a part of a very expensive suite of programs from Macromedia. Out of my price range :( :( !! If my structure gave you ideas I can e-mail the N scaled drawing to you with main dimentions on it.

    Aartwmich, It sounds like you have access to the perfect software for converting to drawings which can be used directly for modelmaking... sounds fabulous! I used CAD at my work and had access to a plotter but of course Gaugers are generally limited to inkjet or lazer printers. Getting a 1:1 drawing onto paper seems to be a headache we will all have to live with huh? :( I might still take you up on your offer to convert the DXF / DWG file to something that can be used by other members here.
    I suppose it depends on whether or not there is interest in such oldie worldie structures :) . Personally I think these stuctures are quite charming.
    Once again I thank both of you, it's folks like you who make this a great forum for a great hobby.

  5. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Errol,
    Been thinking -- (Bad habit)
    The only import setting with antialias enabled is 'postscript' .. You could disable that and see if it affects your files.

    In the menu click on file / file format preferences. After the window has opened click on 'Postscript' then untick the Antialias box. Might work.


  6. kettlestack

    kettlestack Member

    Thanks for that tip Shamus... That was a Preferences menu item I hadn't explored yet. It was worth a try but didn't stop the antialias function operating. Probably because it wasn't an imported file but simply a dxf opened like any other file.

    Maybe I should just forget about such conversion because to add insult to injury.. the resulting bitmap is nowhere like the size it should be!!:eek: :eek:


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