i need an rc boat to use on river and small streams can i use a cheap one...

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by dude, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. dude

    dude New Member

    ...from toys r us? money is kind of an issue but i also dont want the boat to float away or move really slow and not be fun
  2. coreyandleo

    coreyandleo New Member

    why dont you get a hovercraft they are cheap fun and easy to use you can buy them in



    toys r us

  3. delsin2

    delsin2 Guest

    I agree with Correyyendleo. Go for Hovercraft.

    Anyways, What's new update from you,dude.
  4. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    The problem with department store R/C's is that they don't exactly have a ton of power plus a lot of other issues. Rivers and streams can move a lot faster than they appear, take that from someone who had to chase a boat downstream then row back up.
    If you want to go the low-buck route then try something like a Zig-Zag Racer, Reef Racer or the new Aquacraft Mini-Rio. They're more hobby quality which translates into something that you can actually get parts for. With the Wally-world or other boats, if something goes wrong then you might as well toss it in the trash.
    These are also fast enough so you won't get bored with them in 5 minutes.
  5. oldtamiyaphile

    oldtamiyaphile New Member

    There's also the Proboat Mini-C and Mini-V (cat and vee respecitvely). Great little boats for around $100, you can find some nice video of brushless conversions on youtube.

    As for toy boats, some can be nice enough, and if you've got some 'real' R/C gear lying around can be even nicer, but as said above, you're best off getting something half way decent to start with.

    That said I recently bought a toy cabin cruiser, 1' long, which I plan on converting to real R/C equipment. Small boats are fun in small areas, and I figured the $15 it cost is less than I could build something similar myself for. It will wind up costing $100 and some people will no doubt think it isn't worth it. But each to their own.

    PS, yes those toy hover craft are quite fast as they don't touch the water. I've never seen a toy boat that really gets up on plane.
  6. DLM

    DLM New Member

    cheap boat for streams and rivers

    That would be the smart thing to do. Now if it gets into the current, kiss it good-bye. They have no power to get out of current. Save your money and cut 2 x 4's in a boat shape and put a dowel rod in the middle and a white flag. Make several of them cause the same thing will happen with cheap boats and no power. I'm being a smart aleck but might as well have some fun making 2 x 4 boats and see how you come out. I've seen kids in towns that are all hills who sail dinky sail boats along the curb and chase them down.

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