I must have been a very good boy this year.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SLOW, Dec 25, 2002.

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    Last night Santa left A spectrum n scale 2-8-0 consolidation under my Christmas tree! I love it runs nice, I can't believe that so many people put so much time in to great piece of art To make something move at real-time motion!! I have lower voltage range for slow motion; I could not believe how life like it was. There's a lot of moving parts! The arms and wheals....OH BOY! More moving parts! I'll take care of it! So much time was put in It!! Yes I love engineering! To run a good track is hard work! All my trains knock on wood don’t fall off the track! It takes time so that they don’t fall off. Have A Merry Christmas!
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    It is a beutiful loco, isn't it?, One of the best on the market today and I know, as I have three of them, one since last Christmas and they are fantastic:cool:.
    BTW it is 1:12 AM here on the "Wet" West Coast and "Santa" is currently in the process of wrapping the last of my Christmas presents (hopefully something for my new Kettle Valley Division:) :p :cool:).
    Merry to you and all close to you and have a great day!

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    I didn't get anything for the trains.
    What I did get, was a 1/24th scale Action Performance #18 Bobby Labonte "Lets Roll" Dover paint scheme for my die cast collection. Real Hard to get.Whats messed up is, I had been trying for months to get one for the better half(Her driver), and here she gets one for me.
    Gotta love her...........
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    Yes, I agree. I am learning to tell a good engine by the sound that the engine makes. The new engine has the same sound as my Kato desil locomotive and my Kato is a real work horse. I do have a professional mechanical and electrical background so I have an ear for flaws and quality. It took me for ever though to learn how to oil it and still I haven't found out how to oil the front motor properly on 280 steam locomotive. The directions that came with it are quite vage. It would be nice if they pointed out how to oil the thing. It has way too many moving parts to take it appart.


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