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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by NewGuy, May 5, 2005.

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    This question is probably for the moderator of the forums, but...

    I plan to tell the story my layout raiload from start to finish (yeah, like it will EVER be really finished) from the point of view of the "employee's" of "carrier", from land acquisition, to the gandys laying rail, to the switchman working the yard, to the conductors ringing up dispatch to get permission to occupy the main. I also intend on supplying photos of the progress. Which forum is the best for this continuing story line?

  2. ezdays

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    Well, my first thought would be to put it in the forum for the scale you're working in. If there are lots of photos, you could even consider puting it in the photo forum. There are a number of extended threads here where others have done what you are suggesting.
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    I will probably keep it in the HO forum then. Thnx

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    A couple of years ago, I kept a running log on the construction of my N scale layout in the N scale forum...
    I've also done a few "Kitbasher's Diaries" in the scratchin' & Bashin' forum...
    It's not only fun for you, but it's enjoyable for the other members to follow along with someone else's work...
    I like to see photos of finished layouts & models, but I's always rather see step-by-step progress pics of the nuts & bolts process from the ground up!
    Looking forward to seeing yours! :cool:

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