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  1. Renovo PPR

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    I have no doubts why I’m a toy train junkie. That first Christmas morning so many years ago cemented that part of my model train thinking. I woke up in bed to that wonderful sound of a traditional sound of a Lionel tender piercing the air. I think that was the first time I can remember playing with my Dad as we shot cruise missiles into the side of the exploding boxcar.

    I’m not sure what excited me more running that locomotive at speeds fast enough to send it flying off the tight curves or placing the tinsel on the tracks just to watch the sparks. In any event I can’t remember my Dad playing on the floor as much as he did that day.

    The Christmas train became a family tradition that lasted straight through the college years. The train was a little more battered and the boxes were long gone but each year my Dad and I spent that first day running the train even if the time together was less than the prior year.

    Then I gradated and got married to a beautiful red head and thought I was too old to set up that old Christmas train. Besides I had better things to do and after all who played with trains anymore. My wife never had trains and her father worked for the B&O and that was as far as her interest went for trains. Who wanted to play with trains with all the cool computer games and later Play Station even over shadowed those old games.

    Then this past Christmas as usual my daughters made the annual trip to the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations. I happily announced that we had taken down the last box when my youngest pointed out a few boxes in the corner. The boxes were dusty and the tape had deteriorated leaving the box ends open. The side of the box was marked John Kings Christmas trains. My middle name is King and my mother proudly marked everything I ever owned John Kings.

    I explained that those were just my old trains and that we don’t need to take them down stairs. At that point my daughter yelled “ TRAINS” and demanded that I show them to her. I reluctantly agreed since I was still thinking about having to place those darn lights on the Christmas tree. The last thing I wanted to do was fool around with some old train that would probably need a ton of work just to run.

    To my amazement those trains operated just like it was 1965 again. As I sat there watching my daughter operate the throttle my memory drifted back to 1965. I guess some tears ran down from my eyes as my daughter asked, “What’s wrong daddy?” It was only then that I knew how special that old train set was. So when someone tells me I should move into the modern age with scale size trains and better track I just smile because I know the secret of trains.

    [FONT=&quot]While I have an updated layout nothing will ever replace the 0-27 track around the Christmas tree[/FONT]
  2. steamhead

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    While you may know the secret of O-27, I know the one of S-Gauge, which is still packed in a corner of the house... And I'm sure there are thousands out there who know the secret of their trains...sign1
  3. shaygetz

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    I get those same memories opening an old Campbell kit or just now getting a near mint Tyco F unit to cough out its first laps in 40 years...:thumb: The scent of an old basswood kit or 35 year old Model Railroader should be sold as incense.
  4. Jim Krause

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    Renovo: That's a great story and would do well in a pre Christmas magazine or as a Christmas TV special. Its nice to have good memories.
  5. Geno

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    I thought I was going to sell off all of my 027 track when I made the decision to go with Atlas 2-rail track and a stud rail- but while I was wating for the studrail to be made, I set up some 027 on top of the finished benchwork of my layout, and it made me realize that I still really like it. Not enough to make it permanent on my layout, but enough to keep, and use as 'test track' when laying out track plans.

    I know 027 doesn't have all the curve radii like Atlas or gargraves, but with 1/2 straights it can be configured to apporximate just about any radius. It also is easy to set up and break down, making it ideal for temporary or trial track plans.

    And how can you beat that classic '027'- three-rail look? Nothing else to me beats it, especially for 'carpet central' layouts.


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