i just inherited about $25000. i was thinking about buying gold and silver...

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by tapunger, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. tapunger

    tapunger New Member

    ...bullion. what do you think?
  2. mr amarolli

    mr amarolli New Member

    buy property. it allways goes up in value
  3. bolichi

    bolichi New Member

    If you have not been to college, do so. If you are young and have no immediate need for the money, go to a financial advisor and ask him exactly where to invest it; you are looking for a very long term investment, which need not be too conservative. It will make a great addition to your eventual retirement. If you are older you need to be more conservative. If you are already retired you can do just about anything you care to with it.
  4. trade_info

    trade_info New Member

    1. I think the prices of precious metals have risen to fast to be a good value here.2. I would not want to take phyical possession of the metals as storage and security is a pain.3. consider ETF's or money market funds.
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