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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Mastiffdog, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    Okay, I have never asked this question. I need all of you to respond. It will be easy to answer this:

    Please state two ratios:

    a) ratio of the locos to rolling stock that you own, and
    b) what you believe the ratio should be if money were no object.

    Here's my answer:

    a) 1:3 (so this would make me loco heavy and rolling stock light
    b) 1:6 (I think would be nice to have 6 cars for every loco I own)

    So I own maybe 25 locos, a a dozen nice brass, W&R, Division Point, Precision Scale, Overland and I couldn't resist the new BLI and Lionel Challenger. For rolling stock I have about 60-75 nice quality freight only (Kadees, metal wheels, etc.) so they can all be run without derailments and other problems. Passenger trains (except for my HOn3 line) would a bit silly on my 24" minimum radius- I can't deal with the overhang look. I buy 'em to run 'em. I display them, but pull them down to operate. No museums!

  2. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    a. 1 to 8 I have 11 locos and 83 rolling stock and 5 cabooses.
    b. I would buy three of everything ever made, one to run, one to spare, and one to keep new in the box for the future. That's if money were really no object. I can't even guess the ratio. DASH10
  3. jwmurrayjr

    jwmurrayjr Member

    Prototype railroads seem to own from 15 to 30 cars per loco.

    The highest ration is in the east and the lowest in the western roads.

    Merry Christmas!
  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    A. 3 to 1 cars to locos

    B. 1 to 15 locos to cars, ust like the biggies.

    Great question:thumb:
  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    'Dog ask:
    a) ratio of the locos to rolling stock that you own
    I have about 3 locos for every car.:(
    b) what you believe the ratio should be if money were no object
    I would say about 25 cars to each locomotive.
    Comment: If I could do this over again I would be a lot wiser and not have more locomotives then cars..As far as locomotives I believe for me 30 would have suffice all lettered for my C&HV.
    The question is now do I punt,pass or kick? I need to cut down on my locomotive roster but hate to sell any.:( :cry:
  6. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    Larry, I think 30 locos is reasonable. That qty. should satisfy most normal folks. But I am not normal. There seems to be something I would like to buy that exists or is coming out. For example, the Brooklyn Ltd. is coming out with all kinds of new items, 2-8-2, Switchers, etc. I'd like to have those. I haven't gone real nuts with rolling stock. I think I can live without too many more and can make up plenty of trains to run. I know that brass is expensive and there seems to be controversy whether or not it's worth the big bucks. For me, I think some of the importers are bringing in some beautifully detailed models (W&R and Division Point) that run very well. Used to be that the brass didn't run very well. I think I could be hooked.

  7. mnguy

    mnguy New Member

    up to 60 cars with 12 locos. Probably stay like that for a while now, don't really need any more of either.

    Ahhh, Brakie, you have my sympathy. All my locos are my friends, each has a story, none could be sold.

    Dog, I have a brass DM&IR 2-8-8-4 (remotored) Yellowstone. Aint gonna find one in plastic. A little finicky, but I have no regrets and would do it again.
  8. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    Hello, I'm from the N scale forum, but I've got 30 locos and 375 cars, so my ratio is about 1:12.5. I've been looking around at the other gauge forums latley, lots of interesting stuff over here!

  9. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    N Scale Modeler:

    As the soup guy said in Seinfeld:

    "No HO for you for one year!"


    P.S. The soup server in Seinfeld also played the Blackjack dealer in the first Austin Powers movie back in 1997. "I suggest you hit sir." A piece of non-train trivia.

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