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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by hiscopilot, Jan 6, 2007.

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    well most of the british stuff comes to us OO scale it seems... but I think if you're not going for prototypical, or exacts its okay. I figure you can do whatever you want. It runs on HO track (according to everyone I have talked to)
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    I have ended up with about 5 British trains, and I kind of assumed they were OO, and they run perfect on HO. One lady I bought a couple of them from was British and hsd brought them over here. She didn't think they would run because they had been on 220V and she didn't have the transformer. Ran like a jewel on and MRC. At least they did. They have set on the shelf for a couple years.

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    If the dang thing will run on bachman track with a Railpower 1370, then it's perfect. That and I need to replace it's couplers with proto-knuckles to make her fit (I still have the spares from the F3A)
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    CNW: any current British OO gauge will run on standard HO track. Some of the older stuff has coarser wheel standards and won't.
    If you're looking for a North American British dealer, try the British Railway Modellers of North America (BRMNA) web site and look for "member dealers." I think there are are couple in the US.

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