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    I just get a kick out of that whole "Thomas helping the unreliable Rock Island" thing, I don't know why, I just get a little kick from it:D Oh yeah, where's the other trains like Percy and Edward? Finaly, is there a Mavis in HO? she was my first Thomas the Tank Engine toy I got fo my BRIO and I got atached to it, probably 'cause I like switchers for some reason:)
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    Yes my son has been BEGGING me to let him play with the rock island but I want to fix it.

    Edward hasnt been released by Bachmann yet, but is on this years release list! Mavis isnt out but I think Hornby makes one in OO.

    TOday his package arrived with Gordon, Henry, and Toby. James was supposed to be in there but they shipped the wrong thing. My neighbor boy says he has Percy but cant find him, I am holding outto buy it from him because he is such a good kid!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I am building the table tonight... so the real fun begins when I return from vacation in Feb! :)

    RAY- WHat is a worm??? I am glad you know what you are talking about! I bet you have to give lots of advice huh?
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    I'd like to know if this is true. After I read this thread earlier, I just up and got my Mavis toy from it's box and put it proudly on display. I think She was the final click that turned me onto liking trains so much:D She's a bit old and her warning job is screwed up (it's from when they first made the toys, so it was yellow-neon green instead:rolleyes: )but I still like her just the same. I think i'd actualy put her on my layout when it's done just 'cause I like her:oops: :D and I need a switcher. I'd just say it's from a "day out with Thomas" and the kids petitioned to keep her that way:D I froget if OO can run on Bachman track, can it?
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    I dont know if it is or not, but someone sent me a picture of one on their track... maybe it was modified? I have seen folks take the Ertl trains, hollow them out and make them into modles. I doubt the scale is anywhere close to correct, but its an idea! :) I just looked and cant seem to find mavis in hornby as I had suspected. So probably not... hmmm
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    THen Explain THIS:

    [​IMG][​IMG]:D :D MAVIS LIVES!!!!

    Try this in google search: BR 04 Shunter+Bachmann Branchlines

    It seems that these are in Japan, not in GB, but on the link that I followed, it mentioned this:

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    CNWman, is that what you wanted to make with the side rod diesel in your ho thread? If that is it, you don't need the side rods brcause they won't be visible through the skirts. You could make Mavis by starting with an Athearn Little Hustler or AHM Plymouth switcher. Make the skirts with stryrene. You could fabricate a cowcatcher or buy a detail part you like from Cal Scale, Precision Scale or other steam era detail manufacturer. You could get the face off of a sacrificial Thomas series toy. The bumpers could be fabricated from styrene rod.
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    Thanks for the tip. I most likley wont be doing Mavis untill the layout is done and running. I want to make/paint an engine for the experience and I allways wanted a Mavis for somereason (maybe cause I love switchers?:D ) as for the face, wouldn't it be hard to find a face the right size for an HO train? i'm thinking on atempting on painting it straight on the front. Finaly, yes, that's why I put that thread for that shunter up. All for a childish whim:oops: sign1 :D :rolleyes:
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    Oh yeah, and maybe hiscopilot can make one too:thumb:
  9. hiscopilot

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    I might attempt this later- but I would do the face on the computer, print it on Shrinky dinks (the white kind for opacity) and glue it on! :)

  10. Ray Marinaccio

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    The worm is the plastic spiral looking thing inside the gearbox on the end of the motor shaft.
    Here's a photo of a brass Athearn worm.
    I wish I could have gotten Thomas and friends in HO 15 years ago when my son was interested in them.

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  11. CNWman

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    I'd like to do that too, but only if I had a shrinky dink:D

    anyways, what would be a good loco that is readly avalible and built so that it could be turned into a mavis? this was the closest I fount at my LHS:


    But if there was an 0-6-0 B4 Shunter avalible in the states, that would rock:thumb:
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  13. CNWman

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    It looks like I might have to go with it. I just want a size felling for it though. It seems smaller and shorter than what Mavis would be. That front plate needs to be big enough for her face & warning decals that and that weird peice of ...whatever in the middle of the cab front.
  14. CNWman

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  15. hiscopilot

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    Thanks for explaining the worm, now I totally know what one is! :)
  16. hiscopilot

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    cnw- you can get shrinky dinks very cheap- our hobby lobby has a pack of 8 for the printer for $3.47 then you just bake em in the oven (hint put a paper bag on top of them so they lay flat...)
  17. CNWman

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    I'll have to remember that, thanks:thumb: That, and I'm thinking about going ahead and getting a shunter cause now I have no/little hw every night and I'm bored. I do need to know a few things though:

    -what kind of paint I need

    -how to paint her (w/ shell on/off)

    -how much I'm gonna most likley spend (I have a tight budget)

    -avg. time it's gonna take for my little project (dubed Project "m" :p)

    -what kind of lettering to use

    and finaly:
    -put a unit number on her (She's suposed to be in that trademark look year-round)

  18. hiscopilot

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    I am sure these guys can answer that stuff for you. I will now have to go to the train store... I was going to today but ran out of time an dmy work takes me the opposite way tomorrow... sooooooooooooo maybe Saturday. I also want to go back and see if they have that Louisville and Nashville Athearns I passed up the other day (hopeing hubbys paycheck is a good one obviously... we'll see).
  19. CNWman

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    I still need ansers please:) oh yeah, the unit # would be something like CNW 113 or something in white on the cab below "Mavis". She would be a normal switcher in that getup for the entire year.
  20. hiscopilot

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    you could make your own decals, or one of the folks here might be able to work somethin out with you.
    Those shunters are available on ebay.uk just e-mail and ask for stateside shipping (and perhaps a conversion chart :) )

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