I found a coin in my backyard, what is it worth?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by hjehle, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. hjehle

    hjehle New Member

    it's bronze, Island Eyrir, 1, 1953 above a sheild. anyone have an idea?
  2. leena

    leena New Member

    go to a coin store or an antique dealer or an appraiser, or research, on ebay
  3. r33s32sw33t4u

    r33s32sw33t4u New Member

    $5 milllion dollahs!!!!hahahaha
  4. Rocky K

    Rocky K New Member

    Take it to a coin dealer. They should be able to help.
  5. laraindogg

    laraindogg New Member



    i dont know
  6. ndtaya

    ndtaya New Member

    Take it to a reputable appraiser.
  7. Yasir C

    Yasir C New Member

    I think about 1 $
  8. Giordano D

    Giordano D New Member

    I recently foiund a coin. You cain go to a local coin or card shop and they can examine it and give you an estimate price. If it looks good without scratches, it is worth more than a rusty one.
  9. philm

    philm New Member

    Hopefully this find will spark your interest in coin collecting. Learn all you can about coins to keep from getting ripped off. Don't trust dealers or appraisers. They'll try to rip you off. Get books and get educated on your own and make your own determination of it's value. One thing you should definitely be aware of is this... don't ever clean a coin. You ruin any value it might have had if you clean it.
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