i flew my tower trainer 40 today **summary**

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by snopro, May 31, 2004.

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  1. snopro

    snopro New Member

    here is the summary of all the flights i have done wiht my airplane.

    first flioght... my dad was trying to hopit nd mess around, it got awat and he flew it for 15 mins, with out any prior exp. he then treid to land and crasshed it and did not damage it too bad.

    second flight... my dads friend flew it several times well, then i flew and crashed it hard. i fixed it

    thrid flight... i flew it today, had it in air for about 10 secs, and wind caught it and tipped it over and crasshed. minimal damage.

    fourth flight ... my dad flew it again, for abotu 2 mins, thne the wind caugth it and it flew way high adn we lost sight behind some trees, about 10 secs later we heard an extemely loud crash noise.
    we found i buyried nose up aboiut 6 inches deep, it busted the fire wall and a coupel of other things, i will fix and fly agin, but i think i will take it to the club near me...[8D]

    should i?

    thx snopro
  2. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    Re: "but i think i will take it to the club near me.." Thats a good idea! Too bad you didn't think of it before. Training on a buddy box will save you a lot of repair time.
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