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  1. elf

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    ok so i realized i was just under the wrong thingi and the button was elsewhere for the thread things.....sorry brother....ur baby sister isnt as bright as i should be since im related to u..... so anyways.....my googling has found many interesting things for me to make and i was just wondering if there is any fun things i have yet to find ...i enjoy odd objects and then really complicated ones ....i usually do several at the same time.....the hard ones for my main project and the easy ones for a quick diversion from my main one when i feel like its a never ending thing....
    and here is a link to a bunch of fun stuff for halloween and a really cool lil puzzle thing i found the other day that i wanted to share

    Haunted Paper Toys
    paperinside.com - Paper Models » Puzzles
  2. cgutzmer

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    I love ravensblight! great stuff there :) paperinside is great too :)

    I will do some poking around for other objects.... see what I can find for links for ya - been a while since I went hunting :) looking for anything specific?
  3. dansls1

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    ‚RD ƒMƒƒƒ‰ƒŠ[
    This site has some optical illusion paper model builds a bit down the site. Don't know if that's what you are looking for, but it was the first link I thought of when reading your post ;)
  4. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    Here is a site with models of polyhedra. They look good if you use different colored cardstock or paper with a pattern on it to make the models.
    Paper Models of Polyhedra
    Make sure you check out the Kaleidocycles.

    Here is a site with some more kaleidocycles plus an Invertible Cube and bolts. The pieces will go together to form a cube.
    Invertible Cube

    Kaleidocycles are like an angular ring that can be manipulated in on itself. You have to make one and play with it to appreciate how it works. Well worth the time. :)

    Here is a site with a paper model of the Dr. Who Key to Time.
    Key to Time
  5. elf

    elf Member

    thank you thoes sites are interesting and yes ..ravensblight is a fun lil place ....and if u email the guy he seems kul as well
  6. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Have you seen this one? I just found it today and it reminded me of this post...

    Flying Pig
  7. elf

    elf Member

    i really like that flying pig thing...i like the ones that move and do neat stuff other than look really kul....i havent made many that take a long time simply becasue i keep getting excited bout to much....so i make alot of things that only take a week or so...cept i usually get done in a few days cause cutting paper is completely more fun than sleeping all night

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