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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Thortrains, May 9, 2003.

  1. Thortrains

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    I've been doing a lot of track planning - not much else I can do, udner current circumstances.. Well, I managed to crank out some 20+ plans in N for a 2' by 3' area. this ought to amuse almost any critter fans, narrow gaugers and others who love the smal lstuff. Next project - try to do some HO / ON30 for a 4' by 6' area.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Thortrains

    Thortrains Member

    Even more

    I have managed to include more plans, this time for HO and G. the new sets are listed i nthe appropriate sections on ym website and marked "New". That makes 20+ new Ho plans, and 20+ new G plans. Not bad!
  3. kettlestack

    kettlestack Member

    Hi Thor,
    I just took a peek at your new "Teeny" N plans. I think they're great! I had always envisioned building a reasonable sized layout of typically 6ft x 3 ft. I actually started a multi level one that size and got into horrendous trouble with trying to fit scenery into it.
    Recently I settled on a 2ft x 5 1/2ft N simple single level and it's coming along just fine. I knew in my head that simple is beautiful but who listens to their head when their heart yearns for big and complex??? :)
    I would recommend anyone starting out in N to go for one of your "Teeny" plans. With such designs the advantages are numerous.
    1) Takes up very little space and is therefore easily handled.
    2) Virtually NO wiring problems therefore uncluttered control panel.
    3) Very little inginuity needed to make aesthetically pleasing and plausible scenery.
    4) Being small it won't cost an arm and a leg and is more likely reach completion! :D
    5) Quickly becomes operational (hehehe this is the best bit!):D

    I'm one of those nuts who dived in at the deep end and bought just about everything in sight years ago ...... I should have waited and visited your site before even starting.
    Heck, I might even get my wife to build one of your smallest plans.

    Thanks for posting your reminder of your updates.

  4. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member


    I just love the teeny-sized plans. I would someday love to build a coffee table layout, in about 2' by 4', and I'll bet that N scale would be just the ticket.

    Keep up the good work!:)
  5. Thortrains

    Thortrains Member

    The idea of a tabletop layout is practical with N, and some folks have done wonders with it. These small layouts have a lot of advantages.

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