i could not take it anymore!

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by ozzy, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    i dug out 3 box's of my 027 track and put it all up on the living room floor (100 feet of it) i run fast track on my shelf layout in the computer room .

    i been thinking ( i know its scary) if i took down the fast track i should be able to run 2 lines of 027 on my shelf, what do you think? shelf is 10 inch wide.
  2. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    10 inches wide for 2 seperate lines or just two seperate tracks?
    If you're talking about 2 seperate lines, you're talking about 4 rows of track and 10 inches isn't going to cut it if you're going to leave enough room for passing trains.
    One line with two tracks would probably work fine though.
  3. Ironhead

    Ironhead New Member

    Do it....come on man...you know you want to...besides, all the "cool" kids are doing it...
  4. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    the new dog dont know what to think about the train chaseing him around the room, was funny to watch lol he try's to run and hide. then the train go back to the other side of the room he comes back out of hidding judt in timr for the train to come back around to him...lol
  5. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Careful, man.
    Dogs and trains don't mix!

  6. Geno

    Geno Member

    I know the feeling- I just decided to put down some 027 on top of my benchwork while I wait for my studrail to be made. It's definitely better to run trains on a temporary set up than nothing at all.


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