I Challenge ALL Cardmodelers!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by thewoodengraver, Jul 8, 2006.

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  2. Bowdenja

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    Darwin.......Thats a cool looking choper..............how did the back frame go together?
  3. Darwin

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    The boom framework was all cut from cardstock. I cheated and glued piano wire stiffeners to the inside of the latticework. The wire extended into the fuselage section to give a good, sturdy assembly.
  4. Texman

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    I think this might be a reasonable idea to consider. I have noticed on some of the plastic forums I researched, that those who participate recieve some sort of "patch" to place in their signature box. I kinda like this idea. Goes along with the idea of group builds. Thoughts?

  5. cgutzmer

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    Think its a great idea myself. however to discuss I think a new thread should be considered so we dont get too much non-challenge talk in here :)
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    How in put pictures in a post

    1. Type comments like usual in the message box.
    2. Before hitting the "Submit Reply" button, scroll down and find the "Manage Attachments" button
    3. Hitting this button will bring up a separate window with the limits of the various file types
    4. Hit the "browse" button to find the picture you want to up-load on your computer.
    5. Verify that if fall within the limits of the file type
    6. Hit the "Upload" button and if successful it will let you know
    7. Close window
    8. Hit "Submit Reply" button


    If you want the picture to show ONLY upload one, else it will show a link

    The pictures need to be 640 x 480 or smaller or they will enlarge you post and put scroll bars for people to see the entire post.
  8. NOBI

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    Hi There,

    This is my recent finish...can not remember where to download but she's so cute

  9. cgutzmer

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    Wow! Nobi does stuff besides military vehicles ;) nice job to both of you - I like that blimp :D
  10. Bowdenja

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    She is cute Nobi........... I like the characters!

    And great job on the R-101......... I still haven't been able to finish it myself!

  11. The plastics guys are really into receiving 'credit' for participation. I suppose this can be a motivator but I think it also over-complicates the idea. You see this if you compare what happens in the plastics world (highly formalized build-alongs) and in the FF scale world (very informal internet cook ups).

    The first thing you notice are the number of them going on concurrently. In the plastics world you'll find a site and, if you're lucky, they have one of these things occurring. In the FF world you'll often find half a dozen or more.

    The second thing you notice is that in the plastics world, the formalized events set 'rules' for qualification, hard deadlines, and when the deadline is past, no more entries are permitted. In the FF world, there are no rules and no qualification requirements because there don't need to be. You simply participate if you feel like it at whatever level you feel like participating. Further, if someone doesn't finish on time, the thread is still open for later posting and more discussion.

    In short, the plastics world treats them as an "event" while the FF world treats them as a way to stimulate building and conversation. I'm too new to the card world to know which model is best for here but given the wide variety of interests and levels of expertise, I should think the FF approach would accommodate the most people.

    Understand, when I posted my suggestion, my thinking was the informal approach. Only with this approach you start a cook up, I can start a cook up, and anyone else can start a cook up. It's not much more complicated than starting a new thread, though typically these things are done by starting a thread like "Anyone interested in a cook up on Austro-Hungarian WWI aircraft?" If there are a few people interested, they proceed. Nothing complicated here. What's fun is that such a query starts a discussion of "What models are available?, anyone got plans?" and these are followed with all the build discussions you might imagine.

    Cheers --- Larry
  12. speedless

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    Sorry about posting to the wrong thread!
    So here we go again.

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  13. thewoodengraver

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    Hi speedless,
    Thanks for posting here!!!
    And Welcome to the most AWESOME forum!!!

    As far as patches go...I think I get the idea...kind of like... a reward for meeting a challenge and posting your pic?

    I wanted something to give all the participants on this thread. If I was any good at designing models, I would have made something special for only the entrants to download. But I still need lots of practice in this area.

    I thought of sending everybody money...(joking)
    I thought of composing a special Harmonica tune...
    I thought of designing some software...

    Finally, I realized that a picture, on a webpage, with your user name on it, included next to all the other posts, without any text, would suffice.

    And it would be pretty cool to look at too!!!
  14. possm_23

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    I liked the "money "part....:grin: :)
  15. Bowdenja

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    One More

    What do ya think..........

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  16. Rick Thomson

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    That is one nice looking piece of kit, I had a go at painting Rob's Hunter in that scheme, but gave it up in dispair. Well done.
  17. Regie

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    Now that is a good looking plane! What is the colour scheme? I'm guessing Swiss?
  18. Rick Thomson

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    Patroulle Suisse, the Swiss areobatic team which flew Hunters from the mid 60's through to the mid 90's. Now equipped with F-5's (oh how the mighty have fallen).
  19. Alcides

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    What is FF scale world ?

  20. Regie

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    Ah, sort of the Swiss Red Arrows. Should've figuyred that out really...

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