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    I'm delighted how much the ESKA-1 model looks like the science-fiction ekranoplan that I've been designing. I'm also delighted that I've gone after the same purpose, a fast rescue craft. The craft shown by the model doesn't appear functional for rescue since it only has room for the pilot. I figure that a rescue craft needs space for 3 people: pilot, victim, and EMT/rescue swimmer. The pilot wouldn't be able to fly and provide medical treatment at the same time. It would probably be best for the craft to have the space for a victim on a stretcher. Yeah, I may have to redesign my model with a longer fusalage and cockpit.

  2. Bowdenja

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    Lizzie............ it could have stretcher storage on the wings..........a la M*A*S*H helicopter, the Siuox.........

  3. shrike

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    There have also been overwing passenger pods developed in the past.
    The Ju87 Stuka was fiteed with a pair of streamlined pods for a total of 4 extra passengers (one pod on each wing with two people seated in tandem) and a single pod was tested on a Fw190 for a prone passenger (covert ops was the intended purpose rather than medevac)

    A number of the US Army L-series airplanes were used for medevac with a stretcher carried in the fuselage aft of the rear seat.

    And since I'm sure the statute of limitations is up, I've been he third person in a Citabria (in my younger, lighter days<G>)
  4. :-D It came with a pair of waterskies for the victim....
  5. dinsour

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    serach & rescue


    They may have intended it to be the serach half of a serach and rescue team. It is not unusal to have faster planes do the searching and direct the slower rescue vehicles to the victums.
    ie: jets go find them and choppers go get em.

    Just a thought

    ------73 Ron
  6. rjm

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    Hey Billy,
    Yep that's the one. The pilot is Clayton Lander. He is still
    around here. He was the leader of a Dixieland band that
    I played trumpet in. He's good clarinet player but doesn't
    play any more.
    The other pix is Alexander Lippisch standing in front of
    his "Aerodyne".
    I visited Dr. Lippisch after he retired from Collins thinking
    he would be just loafing around the house. I made an
    appointment to visit him at his home at two on a Saturday
    and arrived a little before two but didn't see anyone
    around. At two on the dot he came out of one of the
    out-buildings wiping grease from his hand. He invited us
    into his porch an I showed him the Schreiber kit of the
    Bremen, and asked for some help in translating some of
    the instructions. He said he knew of paper models when
    he was a child, but they were mostly of cathedrals and
    castles. A three o'clock he stood up, ushered me out the
    door and went back to work. So much for loafing around
    the house!
  7. What a nice story Bob, Thanks for sharing...
    Ain't the WWW and especialy this forum great!
    All the best, Billy
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    Overwing pods

    The RAF also experimented with two pods slung over the wings of a fighter as a way to transport Groundcrew into a forward airfield, or extract them if the field was about to be overrun. Having seen a couple of photos of the contraption, I'd say that it was above and beyond the call of duty to God, King and Country...

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    "we Are The Card Modellers! Your......."

    There's some excellent models posted here and I haven't built a model for myself for ages, so I couldn't ask for a better excuse than a challenge! Great idea Phil, hope this thread lives on long after your deadline.

    BORG Rogue ~ Renegade ship / Lore's ride ~ There's lots of terrific Federation subjects developed from the Star Trek universe, sadly the 'other' guys have been neglected to certain degree. I've always liked the asymmetrical designs floating about out there, this Dan Curry design being one of my favourites. Given access to some decent equipment it would print up a lot better than this build ~ lost a lot of texture detail. From a design point of view (because they are so shallow), I abandoned the panels and flaps on the 'Hull recesses' in favour of 1 ~ 2 mm cardboard templates, sandwiched with the textures onto the inside of the hull, tedious but effective. There is plenty of scope for surface detail, maybe on the next one. All in all a fun project.

    Sorry bout' the pic quality, my RGB is just about shot so I can't tell if its to dark/light.

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  10. Amazyah

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    Very nice looking build Gearz! Clean and sharp!

    Is this available on the internet? I have never seen this one.

  11. cgutzmer

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    I really like that too, you gonna make it available to all? :D Very nice job!
  12. Gearz

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    Thank you and YEP!
  13. thewoodengraver

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    That is fabulous! Thank you!
    Thanx to ALL who have posted here so far...I,m too busy to thank everyone as they post. But you will recieve a small gift at the end.

    Anyone else notice that this thread is rapidly approaching 20,000 views?
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    This thread has been quiet for a couple of days so I guess it's my turn to post:


    This is Wernher von Braun's "baby satellite launcher". It is a design from 1953
    to launch early satellites and was depicted in Collier's magazine and in books
    of that era. The model is my design. It's in 1/100 scale and stands 17 inches

    Bill Kastenmeier
  15. Regie

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    That's a great build Bill! Can I be really cheeky and beg the design from you? I have a real passion for the early Von Braun ideas. Have you seen the Von Braun Spaceplane model? It's on the 'net somewhere, I'll see if I can remember where and post a link.
  16. astroboy

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    Thank-you for your kind words. I too love those von Braun proposals.
    I hope to have the model ready for download in a few weeks.
    My model of his spaceplane is hosted at:


    Bill Kastenmeier
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    Just keeping the drive alive on this thread.
    The 4 small aircraft are Kancho's 1/72 free downloads.

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  18. Amazyah

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    Nice job Bluenoser!

    From where did the motorboat come? I like it!

  19. Regie

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    That was yours? That's the one I built! It's a great model, and made a great talking point with the kids on my "Spacecamp" project earlier in the summer. What can I say - huge thanks!
  20. 4x4paper

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    Quattros vrooooom

    some pics of the Quattros:) :)

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