I Challenge ALL Cardmodelers!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by thewoodengraver, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    That seems pretty big for you to build ;) how big is it? With nothing to reference its hard to tell. Looks pretty good though - if I know you its about an inch heh heh
  2. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    The wingspan is 2-3/4" (two and three quarter inches). I haven't figured out how to take perfect Macro pics yet. It is built at FG's origional size...printed on a business card.
  3. possm_23

    possm_23 Member

    FINISHED AT LAST!!!!:grin:

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  4. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Awesome, possm_23!!! You even included my favorite "yummy" stand!
    Great Job! Thanx
  5. silverw

    silverw Member


    Hi Clark...

    Many people used a free photo storage site, like Image station or Photobucket to store their pictures. These sites provide you with several different "codes" to hot link to your photos, depending on where you are posting them.. After you have uploaded you pics to Image Station, select and copy the code that is labeled "forums" if you want to display the full size picture, or " thumbnail forum" to display a smaller version, which can then be clicked on, if the viewer wants a larger version. Paste this code into your post, and it will display the picture.

    Hope that helps...... Bill
  6. mOONwOKA

    mOONwOKA Member

    That's a nice Daishi, Don. Does anyone mind if i post mine here?
    I did it a while ago, but so far posted picture only to my local cardmodelers forum. I hope you like diorama too. It is called "heavy carpet terrain".
  7. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    does anybody mind...well gee...let me see...is it appropriate to post that here? hmmm...this will take more thought than my brain will allow...ah what the heck...I don't mind.lol
    Nice job mOONwOKA!!! Thanx!
  8. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    So that I may not violate the rules of this challenge I am posting these in progress pics here before I put them in my own thread even though the progress I have been making lately indicates to me that the model will be completed (barring a Bear like catastrophe) before the end of the alotted time. For some reason I seem to be having trouble holding the camera still lately so I'll beg your forgiveness for the blurry pics.

    Here they are:


  9. Flying cookiejar

    Finished.. The Snema Coleoptere, another strangeone for my showcase...
    Cheers Billy

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  10. Kevin G

    Kevin G Member

    The Wicked Wench is finished! Here is a pic of the finished product with the mast in the "before crashed" position. Many other pics in my build thread.
    This is a great thread, only thread in the forums where you can see so many great builds of so many different subjects in one stop! Keep em coming guys!

  11. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Billy, which kit of the coleoptere is that? Mighty nice, would love to get
    it electronically, would be interesting shrunk down.

    @ Kevin, sweet!

  12. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Wow! you people are making it really difficult for me to post a generic response! and I'm running out (more like ran out) of words.

    I'll remind you of the rule(1) you cannot post pics that were posted previous to this challenge.

    willja67, looking GOOD! Thanx!
    Billy Leliveld, Awesome! Thanx!
    Kevin G, I ( personally) am glad you chose to build the wench un-busted. Fantastic job! Thanx
  13. Flying cookiejar

    He Texman.
    It's this one..(see photo)
    I think this must be the ugliest cover in the world, the publisher had his 3 year old son do it...
    But never judge a book by it's cover, the kit is nice , fits well, lots of detail, the cockpit interieur alone has almost 50 parts
    www.cardmodelshop.com has it , but not downloadble..
    I scanned the model and printed it on metallic paper, the original kit is grey with very little colour, as the original plane

    He Woodengraver, are we going to hit the 10000 views? Place your bets...

    Cheers, Billy

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  14. cbg

    cbg Member


    Does your #57 have a name? I'm trying hard to identify year and model, but am unable.

  15. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I would prefer trying to reach at least one third of the registered members and get them to post, especially if they have not yet posted at all.
  16. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Thanks Billy. Wilhelmshaven has a downloadable one, and after seeing
    what one looks like, I see a future project.

  17. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    cbg............... It's one he is designing. It's a racing Corsair F-2G.

    tex............. it'll be small.............. but it will still be ugly! Can you imagine the look on the test pilots face the first time he saw one of those?

  18. Texman

    Texman Guest

    No No John. Little = cute. Just look at babies!
  19. :shock: I can even can imagine the look on the testpilot's face on its' 9th flight, when it came down in "authum-leaf stile"
  20. Hey Texman,
    The kit at Wilhelmshafen is not the same as the one I build, it's a simular craft, I have this one as well,I didn't build it yet, but it's not that detailed as the one I posted...
    Cheers, billy

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