I build model headframes, fully operational, display models.

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  1. 6smith

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    Hi folks! I'm new here and not exactly sure about how all of this works but I'm here to advertise that I build miniature mine headframe models made out of wood. These that I build to be functional are designed to be set up on a shelving unit. The headframes have functioning parts such as sheave wheels. A hoist is also functional and can have either one or two drums, (I currently don't build and more than double drum). I can also build just the headframes without hoists as a display for a desk or anywhere you would want to put it. I have pictures of a very rough example that I can email for more info. Prices vary. I am open to offers however.
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    once you have a certain number of posts on Zealot, you can upload photos into threads, and can share your work that way,. look around, there is some neat stuff here.

    Bill Nelson

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