I Believe I have not fully introduced myself.

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Seaboard, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Seaboard

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    Hello All you HO modelers:wave: Iv'e been playin around since I joined the sight and I thought maybe I should show who I am. My name is Sean and I model Seaboard Airline RR, An absolute favorite.:D
    I know Iv'e already met some people on here. Its good to meet others who have the same interest. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my layout from an absolute disaster my Dad came up with. So I'll get some pics on here on my layout in progress. I'll be sure not bring in much of "The Good The Bad The Ugly".:thumb: Below is my darling SD45
    Painted in livery frieght scheme in SAL. Shes been my number 1 choice in all my past layouts since I was 5 years old. Great to meet you guys and HAPPY RAILROADING!


  2. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    Very nice locomotive! is that an Athearn or a Kato? :thumb: Can't wait to see our progress! It's certianly nice to see someone modeling a railroad that I rarely see on any layout, good choice! Got any of those Seaboard Bachmann FT's?
  3. Seaboard

    Seaboard Member

    It's an Athearn. I hardly see this kind anywhere. I don't think Athearn makes these kind of engines nowadays. I had a Bachman SAL citrus scheme FT with booster. Didnt last to long:cry: I liked it to. Still have booster though. I'd hook it on the back of my SD45 somtimes. Its a dummy anywaysign1 ! I'll get another FT A unit for it later. For now I have to finish my layout. Iv'e got one table finished and ready for accessory plans. I attached green felt to it for a base so I can get a better start for my savannah valley plans.
  4. trainnut65

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    Yea you know there is not a lot of ppl modeling Seaboard. When i was a young man seaboard coast lines ran just back of my house, then it was taking over buy CSX years later. But it is nice to see someone modeling them.
  5. Seaboard

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    I thought SCL merged with Family Lines to form Seaboard System Lines then Merging with Chessie System in 1985 forming CSX today. A.K.A (Chessie, Seaboard, Interlock). So Seaboard is more of the Predecessor of CSX than what I've heard. Thanks Though. It is very hard to find SAL Engines and Equipment for my layout.
  6. trainnut65

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    Sorry i dont know the history of the seaboard line. I do know that i went from seeing SCL black loco to seeing Seaboard cost line in gray. Then the loco all seem to turn in to CSX just plan gray no yellow are blue then the blue come up on them then a year are to later sometime around 1986 i started seeing the yellow on the loco and cabooses. but some where in there L&N came in to play with SCL. and before all this it was all ACL. I am not up on the history of all the diff company that was took over buy CSX but there was a lot of them. And the same with B&O it all came down to chessie then CSX took it over some where in time. There is a page on the net that tells all the roads CSX has under it in one way are the other. i will have to find it and send the link to you. And i am glad to see a member from GA on the forums. i live in Manchester Ga SEEYA
  7. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!


    Welcome and thanks for the intro! Beaut of a locomotive!
  8. Seaboard

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    Thats allight. :)
  9. Seaboard

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    Thanks Ralph, It shure is good to be a member of this club.:thumb: I'll keep in touch on the progress on my layout. Iv'e got more pics on the way.:wave:
  10. trainnut65

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  11. Seaboard

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    Thanks man thats awsome!:thumb: That time chart shows all the history on CSXT. I live in Conyers GA. In the Middle. You'll find me at Hobby Haven or LEGACY STATION LIMITED in Lawrenceville. See Yu Round.
  12. Triplex

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    SAL and ACL merged into SCL around 1967. In the early 70s, SCL and L&N were grouped as the Family Lines, using a common paint scheme but distinct reporting marks. Meanwhile, in 1972, C&O, B&O and WM were grouped into Chessie System, also retaining distinct reporting marks. In 1982, Family Lines became Seaboard System, using the reporting mark SBD. I think this was when the Clinchfield was brought in as well. Chessie and Seaboard were under common ownership. In 1986, they were grouped as CSX, wearing a gray and blue paint scheme with "CSX Transportation" lettering but with SBD, C&O or B&O reporting marks. No WM engines received this scheme in the few months it was officially used. Then CSX was completely merged, using the CSXT reporting mark. It changed its paint scheme more than once a year until about 1991. Also around 1991, CSX bought the RF&P.

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