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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Kadetowner, Nov 10, 2002.

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  1. Kadetowner

    Kadetowner New Member

    Well I own a Kadet Lt 40 and I am getting rdy for a secound air plane and and i was looking at the sig somthin extra which is arowbatic, and this person I talked to said that if I get it I should set the throws at half of what tha manul says to until i get good enough to put them back at full.....
    I am just curious is a smart thing to do?
    Also what kind of arowbatics can it do?
    Thanks for your time guys
  2. TechnikVR

    TechnikVR New Member

    I have owned 3 of them and they are the best flying and easy to build planes. I recommend throws at low settings until you get used to the plane. Even on medium the rolls are blinding and on high looks like a bullet spinning. It can do anything my 1/4 cap can.
  3. rich141

    rich141 New Member

    grate choice for a scoeund plane.I built one last winter,the sigs are a builder frindly kit,my plane took aboute 41/2 oz nose wt to balance with ST45 beef up the lending gear add lots of epoxy and replce the steel bolts with 4 no.10 nylon bolts.3front one center rear.start your low rats at about 40% and she will do just about any thing.mine kind of jumps off the ground on take offs.landings are sweet.adding a little down elavater trim for a bit of up lift helped.she trims out nice with grate gliding resorce.a fun second plane.Good luck.don't fall in love with a plane.I buy em~I build em~I fly em~I crash em~I buy more.Do you think I have the bug.rich 141 AKA crash Galveston. TX
  4. wtb3886

    wtb3886 New Member

    Kadetowner: as far as this being your second plane just stepping up from a trainer that depends. In my openion mind ya when someone steps up from a trainer they need a plane that has some forgiveness built into the airplane and this is not present with the something extra. My suggestion would be a avistar or something with a semi semetrical wing and some diehedrial for forgiveness built in for a second airplane.
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