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    I became a member in 2007, however, my inclination is to stay in the background, "lurking". I came back from time to time to see if there was anything interesting since i "collect" models. I have about 500 plastic kits but have built maybe 20. I am still having problems with the way the card stock just will not stay straight but bends the way it wants to, not the way I want. Right now, the only paper model I have is the World Trade center that I found on the internet and enlarged to make a more striking model. My towers are 17 inches tall. I displayed it at a model show here in Dallas-Fr.Worth and several people let me know that they appreciated the model. That was some time ago, and I just looked at the model and noticed that time has not been kind. I will see if I can get it back into good enough shape to sent in pictures, but no promises. I bought another kit of the New Trade center that is larger off of Ebay. I just have not taken the time to begin it as the base will be large. Now, beside WTC, my other obsession is IJN Yamato and other ships. I have some questions to ask, but will wait until later to post my questions.
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    Hi Kenlmaster. One way of keeping models straight is by using other "non paper' materials on the inside to help with the rigidity. This can be construction foam, wire, like that used in TIG welders. There are many ways of making a model rigid, the right geometric shape, oriented in the right direction.

    The best way to get help on this is to post. Post the problem with the particular model you are having, and you will get an answer. I have very old models, some 20 years old, that have the same shape they had they day I made them. :)
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    I score the line I want to bend lightly with an exact knife
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    (continued, hit enter by mistake) an exacto knife, just slightly to make the bend straight and sharp.

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