Hybrid nitro/electric rustler

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by combatcm, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    I am currently working on a concept nitro electric rustler to compliment my 1/8 scale brushless ofna buggy for the next offroad season. An OS .15 will spin an electric motor shaft. The generating power of the motor will then come out its leads into a normal car ESC, which then powers the car. I am hoping this setup will work and will not burn anything out. Time to go out for parts. What do you think of it? I was thinking about the class in which it should participate, electric truck or nitro truck?

  2. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    I would say to stick with just electric or just nitro...As expensive as nitro is to me this would only be a waste...
  3. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    It is an awesome concept. Do not forget to use capacitors to steady voltage flow. Also the use of a voltage regulator will prevent major voltage fluctuations that would burn out the ESC. For your auto start feature you will have to provide gearing because the torque of a 540 would not be enough to turn over a nitro engine.
  4. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    Since its not powering the wheels directly, tuning and maximum engine performance is little required but for optimal performance is needed. Runs on fuel, but no clutches to clean and maintain. Also, another note, the amps and voltage can be unlimited. This even depends on the RPM, like 6 volts at 10000RPM and 8.4 volts at 18000rpm. It's not going to be always 7.2 or 8.4 it can really be anything close to 6v to maybe 9v. I believe the overall engine life will be longer also. I also know that the slave motor will have to deliver more amps than the drive motor will, so the amps of the slave motor will always have more power than the drive motor. It seems like an inefficiant power reduction because of that. I have already ordered the car and will be ordering the engine and hardware soon. It's not wishful thinking, it will be done, its going to be a great project. I think its going to be the first nitro powered electric driven RC car ever.
  5. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    For the regulators and capacitor, would I mount them in line with a power wire? Another thing, before I thought up of doing this I tested using a motors power to power another motor. You stick a motor shaft in a dremel and turn on the dremel with nothing attached and it spins without resistance. However, when you make the motor leads power something some resistance kicks in. I hope I can get the engine to max over at least 14000rpm because of this. I don't really want to overcomplicate everything by adding a gear box, that's even too much for me. I'm just going to bolt a joint cup on the engine and motor and go with it. I may even have to use 12v for the motor to turn the engine. I will have to disconnect the esc to do that without shorting it out. A clockwise 550 motor would be a good choice to power the esc. So at 7.5v it should have enough power to turn an OS .15 or .25 LA. Oh yeah, the internal one might not work, but maybe if I use a 8 pack of GP1100s.

    I was going to use the .15 LA, but now am thinking the .25 LA It's only 2 ouces more and I don't want to get an underpowered motor.
  6. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    its a nice idea and all but what about the weight? It just sounds like a crazy idea, but hey people say I was crazy for putting a 540 in a mini t! Go for it dude good luck!
  7. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    Well, the engine weighs 8oz and the slave motor weighs probably the same or a little less. A battery pack weighs 13oz, so its gonna weigh a few ounces more. but if it can have the capacity to pull over 9v it would match the weight of an 8 cell pack.
  8. ericmcgehee

    ericmcgehee Member

    sounds like some of the ideas i have come up with . i want to take one of the rc tanks that shoots bb's, and put a 22 cal. pistol in it. als you need to do is mount it, and use a servo to pull the trigger. that would be sweet. watch out little bunny
  9. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    I took a tyco mutator and put a stingray paintball gun on it, I used the stock radio and duct taped it to side of a normal radio, the trigger (throttle stick) was right behind it. It was fun running it and shooting stuff. I even shot myself in the back.

    I also have a servo driven auto trigger for my stingray. A + shaper horn is on the end of the servo and swings and pulls the trigger. I think I measured it at aroun 5.5 shots per second.

    All my gear is on the way.


    I also hope the joint fits on the engine shaft, one for the engine and one for the motor.

    I got an electrifly motor around here somewhere.

    I hope that nylon dogbone hold up, I think I ordered 2 extra.
  10. gaz_r36

    gaz_r36 Member

    its a gud ideia buy wont work 2 gud i do electroniccs and i know cus im gud u might aswell just use a battery and there is no storage cell so u will fry the electronics !!! over all it ent gunna work
  11. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    You don't need a storage cell, Whats the difference with a normal battery pack? The battery pack is still ramming juice into the ESC and the ESC is still controlling it while sitting there.

    Actually, my other idea was the wire the slave motor wires DIRECTLY to the drive motor. It would provide traction control, and maybe even idle good because if the slave motor is only turning 2 or 3000 RPM it might not even have enough power to even turn the drive motor. The funny thing about this it it will bog and top out the same way as a nitro car. It will rev up, the drive motor will have a lot of resistance, then bog down the slave motor, as the drive motor speeds up it requires less amps to accerate and the slave motor will start speeding up as will the engine and it'll top out just like a normal nitro car. No ESC to deal with, no brakes.
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