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    all healthy

    The suspension of Tatra, and Hitachi has the conscience of this project that started less than a weeks, and as will be seen in the photos overall are doing


    It will be a 1:25 model as usual for me serves as a model 3D model was provided to me by Australians and excellent 3D modeler Bryan Sparksmana and this should be one of my thanks. As I once wrote a few of the 3D modeler but had no interest in cooperating, and you know how 3D models are much more expensive affair than paper models I was looking for someone who would be willing to provide a model for creation.

    One is to detect a U.S. military vehicle which has the task to detect metals or booby trap explosive devices from a column of vehicles and is successfully used in several conflicts around the world
    Get more info on the interior or engine or used transmission is me after a few weeks but I hope zunovalo model is quite attractive even without the engine or interior

    model can be built in any color creations like khaki, sand or white as the vehicle used by all units of the peacekeeping forces
    Original Vehicle Photos:


    data originally

    Length: 7340 mm
    Width: 2530 mm
    Height: The manufacturer does not
    Operating weight: 8,700 kg
    Detection radius 3540 mm
    3D Render MODEL

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Data about models
    Length 293 mm
    Width 101 mm
    Height 125 mm

    We will try as closely as possible in the process as possible for me from the perspective of the 3D model and a few photos available on the Web
    After all, leave it to you or to assess the model succeeds or not.

    This time it is without cutting plotter so manually on the old but still colored paper and gluing my way.

    Of course, as always, par fotociek processed while the model I have worked Vecs cast gondola and engine parts that will go a few days so if the beta tester finds one more addition to a parrot who can get colored paper, ok I have further processed as the front part of the frame and wings, and so few fotociek as always, the rest of my site.
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    They are the same vehicle. I am contemplating doing this one while waiting for more of the Sulaco to come out.
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    Vehicle type HUSKY MK III is the difference of the scale model and type as well as processing
    This model is not remakes of the existing model and its production lasted just over two months

    More photos:

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    URL=][​IMG][/URL] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At this point, before completing the model before publishing and completes the processing of several bits
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    Let me clarify my earlier post...

    Both models are of the same vehicle but Epson475's model is larger and more detailed than the one Zathros linked.
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    for all

    Excuse my English

    Model is the processing of a 3D model that I have the 3D modeler Brian Sparcsmana from Australia
    Treatment lasted 2 months and still continue / several missing parts /
    model is robust and recommended only experienced modelers model is processed in pdf format so that it pressed on colored paper what is new in paper sculpture and it is necessary to verify that in your area can be bought colored paper 150-180g/m2, thickness 0, 2 mm.

    Will be available on my website: or

    As my previous model Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1

    Model should be available for download within a few days

    Model is the first comprehensive series of models of modern military technology the U.S. Army in the number of about 20-25 large-scale models as follows.
    Continuation will COUGAR 6X6 HE who should be on sale later in December.


    Following the models will be joined on these insights


    And many more
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    I wrote here a report on Friday but unfortunately it did not admin here about something bothered him tonight again inscription
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    Not sure what that was about. :confused:

    Your models are some of the most incredibly detailed works that I have ever seen. I have been doing this for years and was completely "floored" by your fantastic design and workmanship. I wish to thank you for posting this here. Thanks You!! If you have any problems relating to the forum, please send me a P.M., and I will try to assist you.

    I also think that the prices for you models at ECardmodels are really reasonable, considering what you get.:thumb:
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    That was Google-Translate-ish, I think. I know this guy (virtually, at least). He presented this strange (and pretty ugly) tractor at our forum, too. So:
    He works from scratch (from a 3D model, purchased from that mentioned Australian guy). This is a beta-build and the model will be available (for a fee, maybe).
    He already did a Liebherr crane, available here (pretty cool, if you ask me :))
    He makes his life simpler by using colored papers for printing models. That has its pros and cons, just like everything else.

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