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    I don't know if any of you lives in an area supposed to be affected.
    Here in Europe, the TV news are a bit frightening about, with many people evacuated from Louisiana and around. I hope that nobody gets harmed...
  2. Hurricane Lily


    New Orleans did well. Many downed tree limbs and a few power outages. We had just went through a storm last week which had less wind but lots more water, many downtown streets in New Orleans were flooded during that previous storm. Thankfully Lily weakened within the last 8 hours prior to crossing the coast line into Louisiana. While much of the lowlands in rural Louisiana was damaged, most cities and towns are able to "ride-out" a storm of 115 mile per hour winds. Prior to Lily weakening it was at 145 mile per hour winds, that would have caused major damage here in New Orleans. The engineering firm that I work for has its home office in Lafayette, Louisiana and that is where Lily directly hit. They are with out communication or power today while we at the New Orleans office awaits word from them.

    In New Orleans, where I live, the strong winds and rain statred around 10:00 pm on wendsday as the hurricane came ashore and steadly increased to about 60 mile per hour with higher gusts peaking around 11:00 am on thursday. New Orleans is just over 100 miles east of where the center of Lily hit. By 4:00 pm Thursday the rain was gone and the wind dropped to a steady 15 mile per hr. Today most of us in south Louisiana are counting ourselves as lucky for that hurricane's sudden and unexplained weakening prior to coming ashore.


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