Human Paper Torso with Organs by Horst Kiechle

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  1. Revell-Fan

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    Howcome that we missed this outstanding artwork? I don't know. Sigh, better late than never! :)

    Back in 2011 Horst Kiechle had the idea to create a full human torso - from paper, with removable organs. A few months later he presented the fruits of his endeavour:



    An outstanding piece of art of a high educational value.

    The best thing is - and now fasten your belts - Horst has made the templates available for free for everyone to enjoy. Just grab them here:

    So no need to cut open your neighbour on Halloween to see how he / she looks from the inside! :D

    Have fun and enjoy! :)
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  2. DanBKing

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    Mmmmm.. That is 'armless looking..... :D

    Now, the argument is gonna begin, as to whether the relative parts are included for both sexes....... ;)

    And, whoever decides, on the textures ............. :hammerhead:
  3. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    This switched on a series of memories...
    "The Visible Man" by Renwal was one of my first models (I was a little boy) and had a significative role in my decision to became a doctor!
    It is, still now, between all the scale model of my life, the one I love more.
    This recalls me the letter I wrote to Santa asking for a "life size" human torso like this (I saw one at school) that was my greatest wish then.
    The Renwal model was a more affordable choice for my parents.
    How I was happy when I opened that gift pack!!! A Christmas I'll never forget.

    I still have my "Visible Man"... this torso would be a nice companion. Who knows if someone will ever try to apply a texture?

    By the way... I had the visible woman too (@DanBKing ) ;)
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  4. zathros

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    That's been around for quite some time. I have seen one painted, quite accurately, and it really is Art. Being able to design a model, that can be called Art is an Art in itself! ! :)
  5. zathros

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    The hand painted one I saw had the veins and arteries painted, and it was then painted in a clear gloss, which gave it an eerie look. I think that is the preferred method. I think there are many solid colors which would work too. This is of course just my two cents worth. :)

    Tonino, I had that model, I decided to make it male and added the extra parts, like when you first wake up in the Morning/ I had it on display many one wife, and many girlfriends ago. Then it disappeared. I still never figured out who stole it. Back in those days I used to leave my apartment open, so if friends of mine needed to "crash out' or were hungry, they knew I would provide them shelter. In the late s 70's, I had a group of around 35 people come over and asked me if I would "lead the", like a Guru or something. I immediately told them to never come over more than two at a time, and to "find themselves' and "Be here now'. I know how these cult groups start, and was surprised how so many people wanted to shed their life's responsibility, and be led like sheep. I have my Sheppard, as I am Christian. Many have their own Shepard from their Faith, or belief, which I believe lead back to the same place, though there are some whacky ones that don't.IMHO

    I am not qualified to lead anyone, not like that. I have no idea why I posted this, your model brought back some memories. :)
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  6. Tonino

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    :) I think it's perfectly normal when someone, like both us (I think), has a considerable amount of days behind, and a lot of models too... the ones recall the others.

    Another good reason to post! ;) And share! :)
  7. zathros

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    Some would say "The Winter of our discontent", but I not discontented, just older, with much experience. I still cannot talk about parts I made for that are circling the Earth, and combing the under water. That is why I have a machine shop. I make what I need for just about everything I own, I also had an Electronics repair shop for 10 years, and have all that equipment there too! I used to make bugs for the F.B.I., and licensed Bounty Hunters, as part of my business. ;)
  8. Ron Caudillo

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    Just in time for the Zombie apocalypse!
  9. THE DC

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    Thanks much! Great kit!

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