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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jkrenzer, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. jkrenzer

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    I am new to this board but not to paper models. I Have viewed many of the posts and know I will never build as well as you guys.

    Anyway please see some of my models shown in, especially my 1/200 Fly Nagato. For me I was very pleased with the results.

    One thing I did discover why trying to improve my skills was that modeling with cardboard is no good and in the US metric card stock is all but impossible to find.

    I did however discover (rediscover) balsa. I Use 1/32 sheet for 1mm and 1/16 sheet for 2mm. I adjust my slots and former heights to accomodate. However the balsa had 2 great benefits, it does warp easily and it cuts like butter compared to heavy cardstock and cardboard.

    I know it's not pure, but I don't believe in pure, especially with framing. I also prefer photo etch rails (1/200 is available in the US from Tom's) and CNC turned barrels.

    Has or does anyone else used balsa?


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  2. sakrison

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    The photos you posted suggest otherwise. Nice work!:thumb:

    No, but I'm going to on my next ship model. Maybe it'll turn out as good as yours. Welcome aboard!

    No worries,
  3. YuG

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    I didn't expect Fly Nagato turned out to be such a great model. Congratulations:thumb:.
    About balsa wood, its a great idea. I think we do not need to be obssesed with making model only from paper.
    Its inevitable to use other material than paper such as railings, wirings anyway. And frames are not visible after completion.
  4. David H

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    I agree with Yug. Use the material you feel comfortable with. But for all its failings in some applications card is very useful and flexible although patience is often required (insert appropriate swearing).

    After many years of stick and tissue modelling I was glad to escape balsa! But I do still use it in some limited areas. Foam is a possible alternative and there are plenty here who use nought but card and show us how it should be done!

  5. jasco

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    Stick and tissue? I thought I was the only one who still did that! I have a drawerful of balsa in my basement shop. Why didn't I ever consider using it on model ships? Maybe it's because I started my ship-modelling career making scratch-built wooden sailboats and all of the mags said "don't use balsa". If I can get similar results as you, I'll use it every time!
  6. dansls1

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    My dad was building a Spirit of St. Louis kit and told me he backed the formers with balsa. If I was doing something really big I might consider using it for formers, but until recently all of my builds were Wilhelmshaven kits so I'm used to doing formers that weren't reinforced, and have been comfortable enough with layering card for plane formers.

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