Huey 412 Ambulance Download

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    Thanks GW!
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    Nice. Got one.

    Does any one know of a Bell Jet Ranger?? MSP used them before the Dalphine

    Maryland State Police
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    Huey or Bell?

    Thanks for the link - I have very few helicopters in my collection :)

    The model is actually identified as a Bell 412. Is that the same as a Huey or are they actually different helicopters?
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    same family

    anything that looks like a tadpole in flight is still to this day called a Huey

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    the aircraft was originally referred to as the HU 1 (then UH 1). "huey" is just the common nick-name for the aircraft. the proper designation is the iroquois, for the orignal aircraft. these modern civil aircraft are basically the same but termed 212 for the two bladed rotor version, and 412 for the four bladed main rotor version. the 412 is a very noisy aircraft and often vibrates quite a bit. they are very reliable when maintained properly and very capable. some are fitted with LED radar. they ride nicely, despite the vibrations. if i ever won the lottery, i'd buy one. really a great aircraft.

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