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    This is Ton Noteboom's intermediate Hubble downloaded from Hubblesite. My 12 year old, Michael, and I built it today for a science project. Very nice model whose most notable attribute is the dead on fit of all the parts. I improved the assembly process by inserting foam formers.

    The process is easy:
    1. Cut the kit bulkhead parts in 3mm card.
    2.Laminate this to closed cell foam (I save sheets when they come my way. The formed foam in computer boxes and other products works quite well). I just happened to have some 3/4" stock.
    3. Use the 3mm card as a template to cut the foam with a hot wire foam cutter. The process takes seconds.
    4. Glue the bulkhead in place. I glued the printed parts for the fore and aft sections of the Hubble right onto the 3mm card/foam bulkhead and slid the hole shebang into place.

    The advantage of this process is the added strength and shape definition you get from the foam. There is no crinkling of the edge of the skin that sometimes happens when the bulkheads are glued in place.

    This process is great for constant diameter cylinders, tapered cones, and compound shapes. All that is required is some shaping with a file or sandpaper.

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    Excellent ideas, and a great way to recycle.

    Nice job on the model and photo.
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    Very cool website Billy.

    Have you seen the Hubble Heritage site?

    I anxiously await the downloads from the new cameras on-board. Hubble is such a profound and inspiring instrument. It's very nice that it seems to have world-wide support. A little like the Apollo missions, it is something for all of mankind, not just America.
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    Great website at Thank you.

    I'm forwarding it to friends and family. Those pictures need to be more widely circulated. This has been an outstanding mission for NASA and the world.

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