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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by CardStalker, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Hello all. Just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know that I haven’t given up on this project. Just that I have been very busy this summer. Thought I would drop a few pic’s of the test build of the exterior for you to see that I am still working on this. Been playing around with some of the inside stuff to this part and of coarse I just had to do a lot of overlaying to add detail. Hope you can see in the pic’s. Of coarse I will still be doing a complete build report, after I am done with the test build, for all to see. Now that the Shuttle has been postponed till early next year, I might just get done with it before they fly to the Hubble. Hope you like what I have done so far. My best to all.

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  2. milenio3

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    Ah! Is a relief to see that you continue with the Hubble, and yes, if delays happen to the real thing, is totally acceptable that one have to sometimes delay the completion of a model.

    Keep it up, man!
  3. CardStalker

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    Thank you Gerardo, always nice to hear from you my friend. My best to you.
  4. littlemodeler

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    Hey Cardstalker! glad to see that yo've done very well on the next part of your model. i always looks to you and other great modelers for inspiration on building these models. Keep up the great work!:thumb:
  5. CardStalker

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    Just so everyone knows, still working on the test build. Hope you like so far. Doing a lot of overlay's. My best to all.

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  6. I think if I was to build it again I would cut out the retro ports for a more realistic effect.
  7. dhanners

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    That's very impressive work....
  8. Wern't all thos little doors a trip?
  9. CardStalker

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    Tim the doors were the easy part. As to the port windows I will be doing something with them when I get to the build report. As to the master builder dhanners comment, you are too kind my friend, and I thank you very much. The reason this is taking so long is after my farther passed away last year, a lot of my time went with it, taking care of my mom and now my older brother that lives with her. And the fact that I still have 2 of 6 kids still living at home, with some of the others drifting in and out of here at times, lol. The other reason is this is a test build, which I always do first, so finding out how things go together and what other tid bits I can do to it tend to slow it down. I have done a great deal of overlays on this thing, but it will make the build report go better in the end. So here are some close-ups of what I have done, and please keep in mind that this is a test build. My best to everyone.

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  10. ton noteboom

    ton noteboom ton noteboom

    nice build , comprehencive manual.
    As an addition , the softcapture machanism and my own picture manuals.
    You can find them on my new website,
    they are not up yet , but will be in the next few days.
    My web programmer is re-arranging his radio room at this moment.

    Ton Noteboom

    btw; the model is up in space right this moment on sts125 , cool!!!
  11. underwoodl06

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    I was watching the interveiw the crew had with the Senator and I saw that John was holding a paper model and was wondering if that was your model Ton. Do you know for sure if it is your model that they have with them?
  12. ton noteboom

    ton noteboom ton noteboom

    what i can see from the pictures , it is the simple version .
    It has been through the wars , but it looks like mine.
    Are there any other models?
    it's the right size.
    It was my idea to fly the model , i mentioned it to my contact at STSI when i saw Scott Altman holding my model.

  13. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Yeah, it did go through alot. pretty crushed up but still in good condition for surviviing the trip up. Well my first thought was that it was yours and if you gave one to Scott, I am pretty sure it must be yours. Congratulations to (possibly) the first card model in space. Your model is up there.
  14. jparenti

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    And I was worried that my model was going to be inaccurate now that they added parts I don't have... :D
    Thanks for the updated parts Ton!
  15. CardStalker

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    Hello all. Still Have the Hubble sitting on my desk to finish. I got side tracked by a lot of over things. Was hoping to have had it done buy this mission, but not to be. I still plan on finishing it, but I don't think I'll have time to finish a complete build report. I will post the final pictures when done. Once again, Thank you Ton for a great model.
  16. davidootheone

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    Hello Jp,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your techniques with us.
    As my wife saw me lots of times building paper models, she asked me to find a HST to build for her, i found ton's one but now with your unpricable help i will be able to build a nice model for my wife ^^

    Thanks a lot and once again very excelent work ^^

    Have a nice day.

  17. SWA2873

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    I am really enjoying the posts here and this thread in particular is going to be very helpful. I recently downloaded this kit and have made one commercial one in the past.

    I always felt I could do better than that last kit and this one is definitely on my list.


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