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  1. Nothing

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  2. eric_son

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    Very nice!

    But I wouldn't want to pilot that thing. I don't think those view slits on the canopy can even allow the pilot to taxi the runway, let alone hit targets. :)

    Do you plan to get the Stubo done by Nobi as well? That looks good too.
  3. Nothing

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    i was just on nobi's site and just saw he had one.i am thinking about it, but imight get some other ones scince i just finished this one.

    yea i wouldnt whant to land it either. you have to jetison everything to get down!
  4. bclemens

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    When the prop diameter is about equal to the wingspan and the rudder's smaller than t*ts on a mouse you gotta be thinkin'- there's some aeronautical engineer going home tonight to a wife and warm potatoes...and there's some dumb pilot who puts his life in his hands.

    Nice clean work, Nothing!

  5. eric_son

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    ...and to think, the Stubo is meant to be a dive bomber. :twisted:

    Anyway, I forgot to mention -- the shadows cast by the finished model really adds a lot of life to it. Great job on both the model and the photos.
  6. Lex

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    Nice! I especially like that base!
  7. dansls1

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    Nice model.

    Definitely inspired by the Gee Bee racer in some way. I'm sure it was a handful and a half to keep in the air.
  8. eric_son

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    I guess we'll never know. They pulled the plug on that program before it even got to the prototype stage.
  9. Very nice build and presentation.
  10. DHL

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  11. lriera

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    I specially like the propeller. It is very well done.
  12. Nothing

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    thanks guys for all the nice comments!
  13. OhioMike

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    The Luft46 site some info on these and the fellas who put them to paper....which is as far as these got in real life!
  14. eric_son

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    Yeah. I love that site (Luft'46).
  15. zizi6785

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    Great work, congratulations!

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