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    I am bumping this thread again because of the Dornier DO24 KT I have just started. The model has the potential to be magnificent. I hope I can give it the build it deserves. I just cut out all the parts and will start slowly grafting the necessary parts onto 1 mm board before continuing. The other models are awesome, I thought a re post in Aircraft and Aviation would be worthy. These models are awesome!I have unashamedly decided to pilfer and post this link to an incredible collection of Fee Aircraft. It is best viewed in Internet Explorer, or in FireFox (if you are really really quick with your Mouse). (Just use I.E.). This is one of the best FREE offerings of aircraft I've seen in years!

    There is the following craft available:
    1 ) Schleicher ASK21 Sailplane
    2 ) F-35 JSF Joint Strike Fighter
    3 ) Focke-Wolfe FW-190
    4 ) Supermarine Spifire
    5 ) Fairchild 27 (This looks as good ad the Pay for one!)
    6 ) Messerschmitt ME-109
    7 ) Tiger Moth Bi-Plane (exceptional quality plane)
    8 ) Westland Whirlwind (I did not even know a paper model of this existed)
    9 ) F-86 Sabre
    10) Dornier DO 24K (This model is incredible, a gem)
    16) F16 Falcon

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  2. Dented Rick

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    I love "Seaplanes" even though i cannot stand to fly.

    Just something about them screams "HAAAHHHOOOOO!" to me, yanno? :)
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    I have embedded a couple of videos. The first one shows the nose of this plane submerged and bouncing off of heavy seas and finally taking off. It is amazing it could take this abuse. The second video shows a restored version but modernized with three turboprop engines, which makes this plane a rocket. It can carry up to 14 people! It was restored by the Grandson of Dornier. (I read this somewhere and if I am wrong, please correct me.)

    I have flow quite a bit (as a pilot) but not as a passenger, that I find frightening. Also, most of the planes I flew, where 4 passenger, I did the service on, as I worked for an A.I. , A&P directly under his supervision. It gives one a feeling of confidence, knowing what's going on. I think you might have a difference experience at the controls, many do! The final clip of the Dornier SRay 007 must be a blast to fly! :)



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    Those Vids rock. Never been a pilot, could never get past that whole "get in the plane" thing lol
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    My son and I were on our way to a model train show a few years ago, when we passed a local smal airport, and had a "What is That?!?" moment. There on the apron, sat the Do24TT. I'm assuming Dornier's grandson was staying at a nearby motel (lots there, right on the NYS thruway). I looked it up when we got home, and found that they were on a worldwide charity fundraiser of some sort (UNICEF maybe?). Why there (Batavia) and not Rochester, I'll never know. I was sure I took some pictures, but I'll be dipped if I can find them.

    Scott K.
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    If you ever do, PLEASE post them!! This model would be a worthwhile build for you and your son, or either of you.. I am going to give it my best. It took me a while to cut out the pieces, and the 1 mm pieces may end up being many smaller 110 lb. card stock laminated pieces!

    The Tiger Mother on that page is really beautiful also!
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    Some disappointment

    Fellow builders,

    As you probably have noticed the models on the Gahm-Deds-site are no longer open for free download. Reason: Us, you, we....:confused::eek:

    There is a certain degree of disappoinment by the generous designer due to the fact there is a big number of downloaders but a very, very small number of Thank-you-sayers.

    announce1 Please always give big Thank You to all these generous people who spend a lot of time in designing and then give away the result. They don't want to make big money: just some kind words from many makes it already worth the efford. Not to mention some pictures of your construction-result in the forum.

    On the site you can find in the text a link to the email, so please use it!
    Maybe..... :thumb:

    (this post is also re-posted on other forums)
  8. zathros

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    Well, I see my "Thanks" posted there. I don't see yours, and only couple of people I know. Maybe you sent a private email?

    My point being that first, I wished you would have P.M.'d me about this so we could have put together an appropriate post, as nobody likes to be reprimanded, but on the other hand, people are so used to getting things for free, they do often forget or just don't wish to be bothered in saying "Thanks". I would say that the number of downloads in of itself is a great acknowledgement to his free offerings.

    He has closed his site before, then reopened it. Maybe he won't. I don't know. I do now I downloaded the models I was interested in and have them stored. I won't share them with anyone (so don't bother asking). He could ask people to join his site but that would be a lot of work, reading 60,000 "Thanks" takes a lot of time and effort.

    I think the "Downloads' are a reflection of the gratitude. Sounds Hollow, but it is true. Many people may not ever build them but look at them because their design is art.

    I have to disagree with you on one point, the reason the models aren't available is because of the designer decided not to let them be downloaded. Would 20,000 or 30,000 "Thanks" have been enough?

    I showcased his website, so is it my fault for alerting so many people to his website?

    He has decided that he feels he has not been Thanked enough. The downloads reflect the desire for his work. If you throw it out there, people will take it. That is the way of the world. I hope he sees the "Thanks" in the number of downloads, if not, then I can see no reason to ever open the site again. People are not going to change. I have been at the receiving end of such vitriol commentary by people that I have done nothing to, and by many I have helped.

    If you ever downloaded a model from that site, a simple "Thank You" would take a very short amount of time, and collectively, mean much and possible bring some new designs as well as the older ones back. I always tell people, if you think you may build it, and it's free, download it, because models disappear all the time. I got mine though, said "Thanks", and feel absolutely no guilt. :)
  9. Ponytail2

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    My point is: whenever you get a freebie a simple Thanks is the least one can do. By email, personal message or alike. Simple good behavior.
    The message is not a reprimande but a reminder.
    And if the downloader already does this he/she can skip it and don't feel "guilty".

    The reason for closing the downloads is not my opinion but just the message from the designer.

    So please don't shoot the messenger, people.
  10. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I apologize to you. I wish you had sent me this in a P.M., and we could have coordinated a response, but in the end, I agree with you 100%.

    I think he may need to reexamine why he does this. I do not release models. I have helped many people with their models, that is one way I contribute. The few I have given away are to people who do not belong to any model forums. It's a personal decision to release them or not. If you release a paper model, you are casting it to the wind, it gets out there, this is what happens. I am sure more people have his models than those who downloaded them from the site, as they have probably been shared. You release a model, you lose control of it. Sad but true.

    You are right though, a simple "Thank You" goes a long way. Sorry for shooting you. :)
  11. Ponytail2

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    Okay. Case closed.
  12. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I think he will re-open the site. He does fantastic work. I really hope he does. :)

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