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    A nasty little bird that doesn't seem to be covered in the anals of paper modeling is the Henschel HS-129. It's Germany's version of the A-10. Anyone know of this bird in paper/card, or of the possibility of one of them being released someday?
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    There was a Flymodel or GPM kit of the Hs129 some years ago - I've seen it on eBay a couple of times.


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    Hs 126 was a parasol army liaison aircraft, a kind of equivilent to the Lysander, while the Hs 123 was a very attractive biplane fighter, also used for ground attack.

    the 129 was powered by French Rhone engines, and after adding all the extra armour and artillery required for tank busting, it was dangerously under powered. The cockpit was so cramped, several instruments were mounted on the engine nacelles, and the gun sight was outside the cockpit in front of the armoured windscreen.

    There is a Squadron/Signal book on the type, which should be readily available. Hasegawa recently did a nice series in plastic, 1:48.

    Tim P
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    FlyModel released Hs-129 few years ago. I believe it was FM 074.
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    I guess I'll have to watch eBay for it. Don't seem to see it anywhere. Of course, I haven't checked all sites, but those I have checked I either missed it or it isn't there.
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    Hi There,

    I love that HS-129 :) (not 126 from Kancho hehe)

    Flymodel have that HS-129 B3 what have a big gun in bottom of aircraft. i think hard to find a hard copy of that model. :D




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    I'm happy to tell you that I have started design of Hs-129B3 now. It will be 1:48 but a bit different from my usual designs. I'll try to design it with much details.

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    There you go Ashrunner.......... you better be careful what you ask for. :D
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    As a cartoon character (soon to be a feature length moving picture show) would say...Hey Hey Hey! Or as Jack Brickhouse (late play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs) would say when a Cubbie hit a home run...HEY! HEY! Or as I'll say...Thanks Kancho! 8v) I'll be looking forward to this one.
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    Alright Ashrunner as a Cubs Fan since I was 6..........40+ years ago there are a few of us that remember Jack..........most everybody knows Mr Harry. And I too will wait for this model from Kancho..... I've been reading up on this one and got interested too!
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    I was wondering if anyone would comment on Jack...8v)

    Odd thing being a Cub fan is I lived on the south side of Chicago, traditionally White Sox country. Outside of my dad and I who were both Cub fans, the only other non White Sox fan in the neighborhood was my mom. She was and still is, a New York Yankee fan.
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    I'll share some things for this one and I'm prepare to post pics during design and alpha build process.
    So it will be Hs-129-B3 with 75mm BK 7.5 gun 'Pak' under fuselage and vertical camera for photo-reconnaisance. I'll try to design it as detailed as it is possible for 1:48. Except cockpit interior I'll add full model of 'Pak' and its roll loading system for 12 shells. Inbuild MG-131 and MG-151 also will be displayed.
    Color scheme will be the same like shown on pics by Nobi.
    No: 140474
    Best regards and happy new year!
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  15. Darwin

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    Thanks loads....one just can't sneak one through around here. :p Darwin aka Dgrigg5885.
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    I'll let ya have this one Darwin...though I would have gone to $15 8v) (maybe a little more) I'll wait for Kancho's kit when its finished. His at least, I won't have to scan for the build/mistake/reprint/rebuild process. 8v) Let us know what you think of the kit when ya get it.
  17. Darwin

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    Good on you, Ash....though I ain't got it yet. The snipers always are in lurk. If I win, will post impressions....though considering my past experience with Fly, there are undoubtedly a few tweaks that will be needed. Considering my track record, that is probably what keeps up my interest....where is the challenge in shake and bake? Who knows what the new year will bring? I may even get a kit finished before the next tangent takes me over.

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