HPI nitro rush

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by steven.b, Aug 22, 2004.

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  1. steven.b

    steven.b New Member

    hey if anyone has one with the older frame(2.0mm one) and the older engine plate(stamper anuminium) send it to hpi and u will get a brand spankin new 2.5mm rush evo frame and cast evo engine plate!

    i did and all u have to pay for is shipping there!

    anyway i was wondering what hop-ups there is for this truck?
    right now it is all stock besides a nice new beefey roll bar
    here it is

  2. cousingrandpa

    cousingrandpa New Member

    Here's my highly modded rush,

    Here's the list of parts on my rush,

    F4iracing Titanium upper & lower chassis,

    Wasp .12 se/ps engine,

    GPM aluminum shock towers & rear chassis brace,

    HPI ball differential, RS4-3 racing fuel tank, Heavy duty middle tranny gear, aluminum rear uprights,

    Dynomite pipe,

    Duratrax shocks,

    Lundsford & HPI titanium turnbuckles,

    RC10GT steering bell cranks,

    MIP shinny CVDs,

    aluminum clutch,

    Masher tires,

    Ofna fuel filter/primer,

    Robinson racing Savage steel spur gear & clutch bell.

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