Howl's moving castle

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    I saw that movie a week ago. It was really cool; I like these movies. Anyway, while cruising the web I've stumbled into a promotional Japanse website that had a modle of the castle in it. Here is the link: .

    Of course, the instructions are in Japanese, which makes the whole thing challenging. Maybe I should write them and ask for a translation (although I must admit it's a long shot). There are so many good models out there with only Japanese instructions :( . Have anyone here ever tried to obain a translation for such models?
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    Watch out - this kit with inspiration from Howl's movie about a fairy flying circus is not the Castle itself.

    There's an other paper kit but this one is not to be downloaded for free. Must buy it.

    Here's a link


    This model got me thinking about the cost of free models.
    The kit from Japan is about forrty dollars,expensive but it is a large model, fifty-four pages. The free kit is smaller,twenty-eight pages. By the time i print it out on an Epson printer I will have spent more on ink than the press printed kit costs. Ironicly the download is free from Epson.
  4. Go watch the movie.
    KODANSHA's model is as featured throughout the movie.
    EPSON's version is the reconstructed castle as seen in the closing scene.
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    You're absolutely right, Masamune san.

    Hey, after all, who's gonna complain about two different models being available?

    Great news...

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