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  1. This is probably nuts me trying this but after I was directed to it by the Internet Finds section I just had to have a go. Given the subject I think I will have no entendre problems here.

    There was some debate going on as to whether this is a rip but it is the flyng version seen at the end of the film and appears to be a freebie from an "I Love Epson" site which is probably industry sponsored. Heck it's 26 pages, I don't know how many cartridges I'll be getting through.

    It's a 50 mb PDF file and has "Make me Make me!" written all over it. The instructions are in Japanese but the parts are intersperced with enough build shots to hopefully get me through it.

    I'm printing it out a few pages at a time on an Epson inkjet -pure co-incidence - I go for cheap every time - and am using very ordinary paper - I assume 80gm - look at the curl on it.

    Here's the first hour or so's efforts on the first 3 pages. The stand goes together well and feels sturdy enough so maybe the paper will be OK. The first tube went well though I only could put a short taper on it.

    I'm making a quite few uneducated guesses about the construction as I go along. I get a bit of a kick when I realise how something goes together and I'm getting a lot of these kicks in this hobby.

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  2. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    I looked at this kit as well. Looks like it out of my skill range, but I will definitely be watching this thread to see how tough it really is...

    And, I know how you feel about the kicks. I was just explaining to The Missus that that's how I feel as well...
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    ooooohhhhhhh this is gonna be good!
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I downloaded the Epson Castle when they released it. It was a freebie. If it is the flying version from the end of the movie then you have the right one. I don't know if this is off topic but "Howl's Moving Castle" is an incredible movie. The voices are that of Jean Simmons ("Spartacus " etc, a great actress) Blythe Danner, Lauren Bacall (Bogie's girl). If you haven't seen it, even if you don't like cartoons (which is not what Anime' is) I would highly recommend it. It is a wonderful story that the whole family can watch. I purchased the movie when it first came out, I had it on special order so I could get it right away and have seen it with my family too many times to count. It is one of those movies you can really get lost in and you catch many things when you see it multiple times that are missed in the first viewing.
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    !agreed, all of the movies are great by that director (or is it producer) - spirited away is my sons current favorite. :)
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    If you can, watch "Grave of the Fireflies". It is one of the most profound movies I have ever seen in any format (real or anime'). It is incredibly relevent. It is happening right now even though the story is set in WW2. Everyone I know who has seen it has been left with an feeling that is hard to express with words but is understood by all.
  7. snap!!!

    Guess who else started it lol!!!!

    this is my progress

    oh yeah i forgot ..... have you got all the english instruction files bonsai?

    i could forward them or post link?
  8. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    ooooooo, we have a race!!!!
  9. daredevilbr

    daredevilbr Member

    mine I finished does a good time... but I have two picture of him almost ready.... I am without digital cam.... besides I found very easy this model.... and in the third picture the models that I have for doing still :-D

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  10. Kaz

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    I though the same as you, it is a very forgiving model, I made loads of mistakes, but its impossible really to see them, as its such a busy model, go on..... give it your best shot
  11. It's not a race....

    I just thought this was a big step for me. Doing it in public might keep me going.

    The model looks like a ramshackle build will be in keeping and in this medium it looks right as well.

    There are instructions in English? Now he tells me. Link please I need all the help I can get.

    Yes we like Ghibli very much - gentle, different, beautiful, wierd, and so much else. We keep looking for the DVDs dropping in price they vary between 20 and 5 GBP.

    So far I've found No Face, Totoro, this castle - there must be more out there. Kiki, Porco Ruso's aircraft, any gadgets from Steam Boy, any of the edifices...

    Thanks to all for the later shots - I was wondering if the bracing struts should be outside of the wing membranes - your pics suggests they are OK on the inside.

    I didn't realise how big the model was going to be (OK 26 pages have to go somewhere) - maybe the stand isn't going to hold it. Maybe if I fill it with helium...hey wait a minute....!
  12. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    It's a challenging but VERY satisfying build! (Photos in my gallery here)
    Have a great day folks!
  13. Heeelp! Inner workings confuse me!

    I can't figure how the wing power bar ( the thick tube and plate on page 2) fits - the three tabs at the front go where? And how do the wing spars fit to it?

    The central body has gone together OK. I added internal tabs to the lower tapering section. I found the rear face a smidge too long. The paper seems a bit thin at this point I may be adding some extra bracing.

    The other bit I am not too clear about is the inner body fit. I have stuck inner frame A and B together - do the big flaps on A fold back and stick onto B? I assume the power bar has to be in place before I put the inner frame into the main body.

    I'm sorry I have no pics - the camera is actiing up
    I can work on the main outer shells for now.
  14. instructions

    bonsai ....if you use the link i posted it has good pictures of the powerbar assembly
  15. Doh! Not looking hard enough...

    Ahhh sorry Mr Well I didn't see the guide bit on the page - I was looking at the instruction pages. That looks like the business.

    Been adding the front bit and hoping I haven't barred the access I need for the power bar- looks like my luck is in.
  16. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    @plastic bonsai. I have Kiki and Porco Rosso's aircraft. They were freebies. I can't remember the website but if you PM me I'll e-mail them to you. Porco Rosso's plane came out real nice. I haven't done (built!) kiki yet.
  17. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    I've been having a go at this model for the last 3 months or so but I got distracted by my prisontale archer, yeah it's very forgiving when it comes to mistakes! I still have to attach the terrace and that big old propeller. Looks VERY nice on the coffee table as is.
  18. Thank you Zathros. PM incomming. This is getting to be quite an addiction.

    I attached the wings by glueing the struts to the flap on the bottom of the slot the go through the body and then fitting the power bar. Given the very flimsy paper I'm using it was probably lucky that I had already glued up the lower shell. Those with stouter paper and more sense should connect this up before attaching the back of the body.

    The wings flap well.

    Camera still playing up. It might get enought charge for a photo tomorrow.
  19. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    I had serious problems with the wingstruts collapsing when made out of 160 gsm paper. I got around that by pushing matchsticks inside them, worked great!

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