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  1. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Foot!.....Foot!.... Oh yeah, wow, I thought that was an extra wisdom tooth! glad you cleared that up, now there's more room for doughnuts, and graham county's finest!
    Welcome to the Gauge Debbie, and Dave!
  2. moss-lake

    moss-lake Member

    Hey Debbie!!
    It's like old times here with all these familiar faces..err names !!
  3. Hummingbird

    Hummingbird Member

    Hi Ya'll,

    I'm late getting here tonight...had to work today and also was at a" Family Reunion" at the same time. See, I'm real close with my Family...they go to work with me just about everyday. Heck, we bring our kids, pets...even cattle with us. One of my Kinfolk always shows up with a wetsuit on and leaves a puddle everywhere he goes...but I've glued linen to the bottom of his flippers, so now I don't have to follow him around with a mop.

    I was almost afraid to come back, after my "Bro-in-law" posted our photo...someone may notice it being gone from the Post Office!

    I'd be happy to post the "Fritter" recipe here...if it's OK. If you like apples, or if you like beer...you'll love these Fritters. It breaks my heart to learn that someone has NEVER had the pleasure of a homemade Fritter...we'll have to fix that!

    Well...I hope Ya'll have a great Sunday!
    Happy Railroading...pass it on!
    Debbie :p
  4. RI541

    RI541 Member

    Welcome aboard H-Bird and hubby.

    This is the second time I've seen a picture of some one on The-Gauge. I don't dare to post one of myself.:D :D
  5. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Welcome aboard Debbie, I hope that you and your significant other have a great time here.
    Happy modeling!:)

  6. IMRL393

    IMRL393 Member

    Hi Debbie!

    Welcome to the Forum !!!

    Er... you don't happen to model the Rock Island, do ya ???

    It's a mighty fine line, ya know!

    Almost as good as beer & apple fritters sounds!

    Anyhoo, see ya around - you can usually find the RIM (Rock Island Mafia - we are small in number, big in voice) on the latest Rock thread ... jump on in, the water's fine!

    - George

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