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  1. cambium

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    Hi, my name is Matt.

    I'm relatively new to paper craft and I have to admit I think I may have found my latest obsession. My education is in building technology, which got me into 3d modelling and designing timber frame buildings with cad/cam software that would cut the joinery with a huge 6 axis CNC machine. I've gone on to work with Sketchup fairly prolifically in design of my projects and have pushed into Vray and am learning to master photorealistic renderings to bring my design and others to life.

    Needless to say I'm blown away at what DIY CNC and 3D printing can now offer at the price point, but papercraft has really opened this world of bringing 3D creations to physical form. I have already started creating my own Pep files of an android exhibiting true industrial design characteristics in line with human aesthetics. But what I truly want to create is Hellboy with Magnola's style and the project is underworks. I have exhausted my search for material and have concluded I will have to craft from scratch. But the excitement pushes me forward. I have learned so much in research from forums and look to share and document as the project unfolds.

    No pun intended.
  2. Zathros

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    :welcome1: To the forum. There are many websites with Architectural models that you might find interesting. I used to program 5 axis CNC machines in the aerospace industry, and an 8 axis robotic arm. It gets boring quick if it isn't for yourself. I still have a small machine shop in my house. I may convert my milling machine into a two axis, but haven't had the need yet.

    Let us know what you are looking for. I do CAD, I use Rhino 3D.
  3. WuLongTi

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    welcome to the forum Matt, what kind of stuff are you looking for in regards to Hellboy? I know I've seen his various guns around and maybe his stone fist...

    I look forward to seeing what stuff you come up with :)
  4. cambium

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    Well I'm working on The Semaritan Gun right now, but the next step will be to design Hellboy's head after Mignola's design using a 7" Mezco figure I ordered on ebay. I haven't been able to find any 3d models that are going after the comic book style, so unless anyone can help me here, I'll be taking it on.

    yeah, haven't been able to a descent stone fist anywhere. Hollar if you know where I can find one?!

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