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  1. Buzzee

    Buzzee By Grace

    Well I'm new to this but Old in other things like age, but I'm young at heart.. I started with slot cars almost 45 years ago but HO trains only 30 or less years ago but just now I finely have the time to do somethings with it. I have found that allot has changed over the years and I think I'm going to enjoy the changes. I really enjoy the trucks, fire trucks and heavy equipment oh also the tanks, I was trained as a tank mechanic 63C20 but you know the Army I was assigned to a infantry unit :eek: so I enjoy the tanks now. I'm looking forward to talking with you all about things that have changed and what to do. I read the posts long before I finely signed up. I'm still not sure if I can keep up with you, but I singed up anyway. Glad to be here and if anyone has questions about fire apparatus or equipment just ask I have 32 years in it, but why silver instead of the box full of brass track I have now.:cry: Buzzee
  2. Howdee

    Hello Mr. Buzzee,

    Welcome to the show.
    I do the same like you.
    Everything is 1:87 for me.
    Do you also build in paper
    for the modelrailroad?
    Please send me a mail.

    Greetings, Arie aka Modelbouwbrasser
  3. Buzzee

    Buzzee By Grace

    Hey Medelboubrasser,
    Did you get my email?? I hope I did this right if not let me know...I lost my password and just found it so I'm good, Buzzee :thumb:
  4. H0

    Hello Buzzee,

    I have no seen any mail from you.
    Can you try to send it again?
    I like to see your mail.

  5. Buzzee

    Buzzee By Grace

    How do I send a email that isn't posted??
  6. Stuped Me

    You right, stuped me.
    I think its the age.

    If you send me a mail i can have your emailadres please.

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