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  1. myoemssb

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    Howdy, I am a man from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    I am not here to look for a marriage partner. Just that writing to intro about myself. This way, I would not be called a cheapskate marketeer.
    Malaysia is located near the equator. Currently we are enjoying the global warming effect. Temperature during the day can be a high 39 c or 24 c during the nite if its not raining.
    If any of the members are in town, though warm nites, I know where to chill la
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Welcome to the fold! I must say, thats one of the more unique intros I have seen :)
  3. wunwinglow

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    myoessb, do you have any problems with high atmospheric humidity with your models? I live in England, and because the weather is mostly dry, (honestly! Must be that global warming thing. It rained today here for the first time in 6 weeks....) so we don't have many issues with humidity.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way!

  4. paper warrior

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    Can you say: SPAM! BTW, clickety click: periods, r's, ect...
  5. rickstef

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    Thank you guys for responding to Spam

    I have edited his post as to show you that the message was a spam message
    by putting all links in bold script.

  6. cgutzmer

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    Oh, now thats sneaky, thanks for the tip there Rick.

    sees all credibility being flushed down the toilet....... ;)

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